God Judges Everything



God will judge everything people do. That includes everything they try to hide. He will judge everything, whether it’s good or evil.

~Ecclesiastes 12:14, NIrV


God’s mill of judgment grinds slow but exceedingly fine.

~R.G. Lee


My mother did things I have never been able to do, for example: she could promise you a whipping and whether it was an hour later or a day later, she would keep her promise. With mother, if you sinned, there were consequences, you could count on them. Actually, sin carries its own consequences. God doesn’t have to judge a sinner here on earth, sin produces its own judgment. Paul said, “The wages of sin is death,” and every time we sin something dies; sin has a pay day. People are hated for being good and Jesus is a prime example but we certainly don’t raise our stock when we act in weak and cowardly ways. Our courage comes from our integrity. Those who have no integrity, have no courage. God’s angel warned Joshua about this very thing. The sin that hurt Israel was supposedly hidden, but it was not hidden to God. It weakened the army and lead to defeat, embarrassing defeat. Joshua dealt with it by bringing it out into the open and Israel was restored. Sin thrives is darkness so what we need is more light. Jesus was hated primarily for being “too much light.” Jesus exposes the devious nature of our sin, He brought our motives out into the open. As a result, the Religious leaders of His day took a beating in the polls; it is hard to admire a hypocrite.


  • Two more days of heat, cooler air is on the way hallelujah.
  • Big day tomorrow…we vote whether or not to call Joe David at the end of the service. It will be secret ballot inside the sanctuary. May the LORD’s will be done. There is much more at stake than most realize so approach this matter prayerfully and carefully. We are sticking with our schedule:
    • Breakfast at 9:00 [donuts, coffee, biscuits]
    • DEACONS & WIVES MEETING 9:10 in Sanctuary
    • WORSHIP 10:15
    • VISITATION 5:30
    • AWANA 5:30


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