God’s Laughter


The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them.

~Psalm 2:4, NIV


God is not intimidated by our sin and rebellion but neither is He indifferent to it–Jesus is proof that He cares.


Three times in the Psalms, David says that God laughs at man’s rebellion. He even laughs at nations who conspire against Him and His Anointed One. [Psalm 2:4, 37:13, 59:8] Obviously David does not think that God sees anything funny about sin, it is not that kind of laughter. When I read the adventures of Tom Sawyer, I got building a raft on my mind. I dreamed of floating a river like Tom. Trust me, it would be a lot more fun than a cotton patch. Eventually I build a raft but we didn’t live on the Mississippi, not even the Tennessee or the Elk. We lived on Panther Branch, twenty foot wide and from one to forty inches deep. My raft did float until I got on it and then my weight caused it to hit bottom. Had a level headed adult been watching me, he or she would have gotten a chuckle…“What does that crazy kid think he is doing?” I think the laugh that David speaks of it more derision than jocularity. It is as if God says tongue in cheek, “What do those idiots think they are doing?” The tower of babel would make a great example: they were going to build a tower that would reach to heaven. Can you imagine what God thought when He saw these puny humans building this pathetic tower. He may have thought something like this, “You have got to be kidding.”

We humans are no threat to God and when we attempt to thwart His will, He just laughs at our puny efforts and goes on about His business. The Jewish big Whigs hated Jesus and were anxious to get rid of Him. The fools were under the illusion that they could stop HIM but you and I know the truth. Not only did they not stop Him from accomplishing God’s redemptive plan, they helped Him and didn’t even know what they were doing.

Another gorgeous day PTL. We have two very sick folks from Grace Point, at least they are connected to the GP family: Please pray for Bob and Sandra. Both are very, very sick.

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