Our Sin Is Hard To See



He praises himself so much that he can’t see his sin or hate it.

~Psalms 36:2, NIRV


Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself this question: “What fault of mine most nearly resembles the one I am about to criticize?”

~Marcus Aurelius


It took me almost 20 years to realize that my mother was my best friend. She never told me that I could sing and she was quick and strict when it came to holding me accountable. I don’t know how many times I complained to her about someone else behavior and she would say, “I see the very same thing in your life.” Wow, that stung! Then I left my mother and took a wife but nothing changed. She too is quick to show me my faults. Some thirty years ago, I came home from a softball game complaining about the bad sportmanship of one of our players. My wife said, “Did you get a good look at him tonight?” I said, “I sure did and it was not pretty.” She said, “Good, you were looking at yourself.” I protested, “I don’t act that bad.” She said, “No you don’t, you act worse.” It didn’t really change anything, I am still a bad sport. The only difference is that now I know I am a bad sport.

The writer of Hebrews said in chapter three, Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God; but exhort one another daily, while it is called ‘Today,’ lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. Sin by nature is tricky. It is easy to see in others but hard to spot in our own life. David wrote Psalm 36 and he knew from experience how deceitful sin can be. He gives us some good advice about sin:

  1. We are to understand that our sin is primarily agaisnt God. Our sin is primarily against God because only He is truly holy. Sin does not offend us the way it does Him.
  2. We are to identify and confess our sins, not the sins of others. Practically everyone admits that sin is social but to make progress, we have to admit it is personal.
  3. We are to hate our sins. I do things that I hate. I vow not to do them again but then I do them again. I look forward to my glorification. I long to be free of sin.

Mark 2:17 also seems to support David’s point.  So Jesus said to them, “Those who are healthy don’t need a doctor. Sick people do. I have not come to get those who think they are right with God to follow me. I have come to get sinners to follow me.” Whether you think you are or not, you are a sinner.



  • My sources tell me Kayleigh was transported by the Angels to Jesus a few minutes ago…


  • I was listening to talk radio yesterday and got incensed by a comment made by some black commentator who works for ESPN. He basically said, “Everyone who voted for Trump was a racist.” ESPN is very liberal but that statement is rediculous. Then when I came home last night June said, “You need to check out Pepsi, they are saying on Facebook that Pepsi doesn’t want the business of Trump supporters.” I drink Diet Pepsi or did so I got on line and there it was, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, a female naturalized citizen from India told TRUMP supporters to take their busness elsewhere and that is exactly what we will do. She said her daughters and employees were all crying and cringing in fear. TRUMP’s election has endangered non-whites, women and sexual perverts. Strange thing to me that none of the liberals are concerned about the rights of unborn babies. Who endangered their lives? GIVE ME A BREAK, liberals are idiots. No one is in danger, especially these black cry baby atheletes. Sexual perverts are not in danger, not from Trump. Their behavior is dangerous and destructive but they are doing that to themselves. I encourage you to do without Pepsi products for a while. It will not take long to bring Nooyi to her knees. She has spit in the face of half of the country; the half that works and pays taxes. The half that stocks the military, the police force and the rapid responders. Liberal not only lack sense, common sense, they lack courage and integrity. They have no respect for God and they have no respect for hard working, God-fearing, tax-paying Americans. We are repulsive to them. Their god Queen Hillary has said so. We are all racist and white men are trash. The only women in danger are the tiny ones in the womb and the same is true of blacks.
  • Drought deepens as rain continues to evade us. The Chattanogga area is 22 inches behind in rainfall, twice that of the Tennessee Valley. There are currently 42 wildfires of 100 acres or bigger burning in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. The wind has carried the smoke East but you could see it here two days ago. We need rain. Pray for rain.
  • LUKE 14 coming up this Sunday at 5:30.
  • Good Christmas music on FM 96.5 The Magic out of Birmingham
  • Pepsi products to avoid for one month….





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