His Love Endures Forever


Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good. His faithful love continues forever.

~Psalm 106:1, NIrV


Though our feeling come and go, God’s love for us does not.

~C.S. Lewis

One of my favorite praise and worship songs was written by Chris Tomlin… Give thanks to the Lord our God and King, His love endures forever.  For He is good He is above all things,  His love endures forever.…This phrase, His love endures forever is found 42 times in the NLT, mostly in the Psalms. What does it mean? We are all familiar with I John 4:8, But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love. Will God cease to be loving? Of course not, He is immutable, He never changes so His faithful love will endure forever. God will always be loving. But there is a second interpretation. The Greeks had four words for love, three of those loves were very human: eros–romantic love, philia–brotherly love or friendship, storge–parental or family love. All of these loves are conditional to some degree although eros is by far the most conditional of all loves. The divorce rate is all the evidence we need to confirm this fact. The fourth Greek word for love is Agape and it was coined especially to describe God’s love. I call it divine love or love from above and it is totally unconditional. God’s love, His ability to love is infinitely greater than our ability to love. His love is higher, deeper, stronger and it is eternal.

Several months ago, Evangelist Junior Hill sent me a card that read, Dr. Super Jack, Junior Hill loves you and you can’t do anything about it.” My life was changed dramatically when {at the recommendation of Dr. Twenty} I read Robert McGee’s book THE SEARCH FOR SIGNIFICANCE which helps us see our worth through God’s eyes. The value of any product is determined by whatever price someone is willing to pay. God gave His only begotten Son for me and this is what makes me significant. My worth has been determined at Calvary. You cannot influence God’s love. There is nothing you can do to make Him love you more or least. He loves you because He chooses to and there is nothing you can do about it.

A Christian woman was married to an unbeliever. Day and night she encouraged him to come to Christ but he was a strong willed and stubborn man. They got into a spat before he left for work one morning and as he walked away, he turned and said, “And don’t be praying for me today.” Of course that made her more determined than ever and she prayed for him more than once during the day. He was a big strong man but he had no power to stop her prayers. You have no power to stop God from loving you. Matter of fact, you can’t stop Him from doing anything He wants to do.

I didn’t make an entry on what happened this day in 2000 because nothing of interest happened: if it did, I didn’t record it. GOLDEN GIRLS this morning. I love this weather. “May the LORD bless you and take good care of you. May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you. May the LORD look on you with favor and give you his peace.”

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