I Have No Good Thing


I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord; apart from You I have no good thing.”

~Psalm 16:2, NIV


We all live for something and we all love something supremely. What ever we love more than Jesus is an idol.


When I first read Psalm 16 earlier today, I thought David was talking about his depravity. I thought he was saying what Paul said, “Within me, that is my flesh, there dwells no good thing.” Although David came to understand his depravity, this is not what he is saying. He said, “Apart from the LORD, I have no good thing.” David is speaking about possessions, apart from the LORD, he had nothing solid, enduring or lasting. As you read further, his intentions become even clearer. He said in verse 4, “Those who run after other gods will suffer more and more.” These idols or gods can be people, pleasures or things. I would venture to say: “Most idols are things we possess.” Humans are prone to worship creation rather than the Creator. Some people idolize their vehicles, some their homes, some their real estate, some their portfolio or bank account. We live in a busy world with lots of traffic: everyone seems to be in a hurry. What are we running after? What are we chasing and what do we really cherish? David lived in a pagan world and it has not changed. David despised idols. He gladly proclaimed, “The LORD is my portion.” The most highly prized and cherished thing David had was his relationship with the LORD. What about us? Is Jesus our priceless Pearl, the One that is worth more than all the others combined?

No matter what David said or I say, folks are going to chase idols. David’s own Son became an idol chaser. How could David, who loathed idols have a son like Solomon who embraced them? Let me tell you something about idols. They will not help you when the going gets tough. Number two, God does not like them and that cannot survive in His presence, eventually, He will destroy them all. Let me tell you what will happen to every idol you have: God will shatter it like a piece of pottery. I’ve witnessed this for the last 50 years: God takes them one by one and cast them to the ground, breaking them into a million pieces. Idols have no future and neither do those who worship them. Idols can distract you, they can steal your affections but they cannot save you in the day of distress because they are weak and worthless. You want to end your life is disappointment, put your faith in an idol. Ignore my advice and keep chasing amusement, entertainment, sports, recreations, financial independence and the like and see what happens in the end. We would all be wise to pray James Nicholson’s prayer, “Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole; I want Thee forever to live in my soul; Break down every idol, cast out every foe— Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

Well, I know some of you hate rain but I don’t and I love this 55 degree weather. Terry Cole, better known in these parts as T.C. had a four by-pass heart surgery this morning. Heart disease runs in the Cole family. Both of Terry’s brothers died young and I think both were heart related. They found Terry’s problem with a routine check up and stress test. He had no symptoms. Actually, Terry was still in surgery at post time but every thing was going well at last report.

Mickey Childer’s knee replacement went well and he was up walking today. Mickey should come home tomorrow.

Mrs. Lou Hayes is doing better. No definite word on when she will be released. Probably going from Hospital to rehab for 21 days.

Neil Brown fell last Saturday and has a big bump on her head but she was sitting up eating lunch when I ran by earlier. Mrs. Annie Murphy was eating cornbread and buttermilk. That’s what she wants every day. She like to chase that with a small coke in the old fashioned bottles.

The former president of ATHENS STATE COLLEGE was with Spencer and family at Terry’s surgery. He is T.C.’s first cousin on the mother’s side. He went there as a profession in 1967. He was there when I graduated in 71 but he taught in the school of business and all of you know, I am not a business major or minor. He and I talked about all the professors that were there when I attended: all but one have departed. A couple of my favorites in the last month. One was Burt Hayes who could speak seven languages. I speak only three: Pig-Latin, Red-neck and some broken English.


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