I Know Nothing, Nothing!


Son of man, groan before the people! … When they ask why you are groaning, tell them, “I groan because of the terrifying news I have heard. When it comes true, the boldest heart will melt with fear; all strength will disappear. Every spirit will faint; strong knees will become as weak as water. And the Sovereign Lord says: It is coming! It’s on its way!”

~Ezekiel 21:7, NLT


If ignorance is bliss, why am I so unhappy?


Remember Sergeant Shultz on Hogan’s Heroes, he always played innocent by saying, “I know nothing! Nothing!” Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I know very little about prophecy. I know it is a fascinating and intriguing subject that will eat up your time if you are not careful, but the Bible is full of prophecies that I do not understand. I don’t know what Ezekiel had in mind but when I read the verse above, I thought about the return of Christ and the judgment. The LSB says “Every heart will melt, all hands will fall limp.” Our spirit will faint and our knees buckle. Personally, I don’t believe any human will be able to stand upright. Between our weakness and the law of gravity, I believe we will all fall to our knees. I like what Yahweh says through Ezekiel, “Behold, it is coming! It will happen!” Folks that is very emphatic. I made a quick list of the prophecies in Ezekiel chapter 20 and some of them have obviously been fulfilled, but most have not. [1] Scatter the Jews among the nations {v.23} [2] Gather them from among the nations {v.34} [3] Purge them by removing the rebellious among them {v.38} [4] The Jews will worship Yahweh in the land {v.40} [5] They will recognize that Yahweh is holy {v.41} [6] They will remember their sin and evil {v.43} [7] They will be disgusted with themselves {v.43}. One has happened. I think two is in the process but the others seem future to me. I know one thing: these prophecies are going to be fulfilled and judgment is coming for the entire world.

How many people on planet earth believe that judgment is coming? I have no way of knowing but judging by our behavior here in the United States, I would say not many. Most folks have no fear of God and no fear of accountability. We have a crime family in the White House. We are being bullied by thugs. The moral fabric of our nation is being destroyed one strand at a time. Masculinity is under attack and feminism is on the march. The congress, the Supreme Court, city hall, the military, sports, you name it–all have been feminized. This is not without consequence. Do you really think our military is stronger due to the feminization? It is not and they know it. They do not want a strong military. They don’t want any part of the REPUBLIC to be strong. They are working tirelessly to destroy the Republic that our forefathers gave us…the land of the free and home of the brave. They hate our forefathers, they hate patriotism, that hate Trump, and they hate Jesus. I am telling you folks, they hate AMERICA and the freedom for which it stands. You need to pray daily for Dale Strong and Tommy Tuberville. I don’t know first hand, but I have been told that Tommy gives the libs fits. Left them up in prayer; it is the least we can do.


It got kind of warm yesterday evening and I think we might get more of the same today but the temps are trending downward. It was cool when I came to the office this morning. The LORD is good! I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.



Back in the day when Tuberville was at Auburn, I could not stand him. Every thing he did annoyed me. I was openly critical and didn’t care who heard me. A friend, who is also an Alabama fan, knew him personally, and of course, I did not. As best that I can remember, this is what he said to me. “Jack, you are wrong about Tuberville. He is not what you think he is; matter of fact, he is a good man and if you knew him, you would like him.” I remember my answer, “Never!” I met him for the first time when he came to Burning Tree in Priceville. I liked everything he said. Matter of fact, he sounded like me. Probably a little more refinement and tact but he espoused my views exactly and I saw that he was not going to back track or change his opinion. I will say this: he is the only politician {on a national level} that I have trusted with the money the LORD has entrusted with me. I do pray for him and wish him well. You give me a choice between Alabama winning in football and America being restored and I will take America being restored every time.

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