“In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”

~John 16:33, NASB


In our youth we are clever and think we can change the world. In our latter days we become concerned with changing ourselves.


The front runners in BLM when it comes to the protest, riots, destruction and anarchy are not black; they are white young idealistic pipe dreamers. Another word for them would be idiots but I am trying to be nice. Rick and Bubba were talking about there unrealistic expectation for the movement. That want a society were there are no land owners, no rich people, no police, and no taxes but get this: the government will provide for everyone. Everyone will get a check. Now many of these kids are college students or graduates but as you can see, they don’t have enough common sense to pour pee out a window. They are romanticizing and fantasizing about a Utopian society that cannot exist as long as man has a sinful nature. You cannot have heaven where sin exist. Sin is not the only problem with their flawed and naive thinking. Governments don’t produce capital; they don’t produce anything. Government revenues come from taxes and most of those are paid by the very folks these kids are calling wealthy. June and I paid over $20,000 in Federal Income Tax last year. Our income is barely over the six figure mark but we are considered rick rich by these idealistic morons. Their definition of wealth is not targeted at billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg; they are going after small business and those making less than a million per year. So they want to level the playing field by cutting off the legs of the giants who are your producers. How did that work out in Cuba or the Soviet Union? It has never worked. Communism, which is what they think they want, will create two classes. A very small class of elites at the top who make all the decisions, and everyone else will be poor and that includes these silly kids who are throwing bricks through windows.

When Joe David orientates first time Mission Trippers He says something like this: “We are not going to change the world, we are going to make a difference and it may be very small. We are not going to change their culture or way of life, the thing that is going to change is our attitude.” Folks I have seen it time and time again: a person goes on a mission trip thinking they will change the world but the only thing that changes is their attitude toward the world and others. We made it a goal to send every high school student at Danville to Guatemala. I don’t know that we changed Guatemala but the trip has definitely changed us. It is OK to dream but we have to be realistic: what the world needs is Jesus. The world is in darkness and they need the LIGHT {Jesus}. Does it hurt to build them a tiny house or to love on them in Jesus name? No, it doesn’t but we have to remind ourselves constantly, we are not the answer–Jesus is the answer. If you get things in perspective and go in Jesus name, you will make a difference.

We will be doing or helping with Charlie’s COLS here in a couple of hours. We could use a little prayer. We have a COLS today and tomorrow. Block Party tonight at DBC. I am assigned to a coke tent. I thought sure they would ask me to sing on stage. Life if filled with crushing disappointments.

I talked to old Gregg yesterday. I figured he would be doing pretty good but he is still in a lot of pain.

I turned 17 at 7:00 am this morning. I feel great. I believe I could jump over a pencil or maybe a dime. June asks me this morning: “Do you really want to be 17?” Of course I said, “No!” That would mean four years of college and three of seminary. There is no part of me that wants to go back to school, not even for recess and lunch. I went to school during the GOLDEN AGE. No I-pads, I-Phones, no money, no britches without patches but we played hard and ate well. We were taught reading, writing and arithmetic. I was also taught to spell but it didn’t take. Since those days in the 50’s the libs have basically destroyed public education. I feel for both teachers and students these days.

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