Ignorance Can Be Bliss


The greater my wisdom, the greater my grief. To increase knowledge only increases sorrow.

~Ecclesiastes 1:18, NLT


Supernatural and spiritual problems require supernatural and spiritual remedies.

~Timothy Keller

I don’t want to be plagurist like Rick Warren so I am telling you up front that you can find most of this blog in Timothy Keller’s book on Proverbs. I enjoyed his book on Psalms and the one on Proverbs is just as good. Solomon proved to be a huge disappointment in many ways but he was a very bright young man. He was a college professor of sorts and a student of science. In science we seek to understand the natural world. The problem with science is that it tries to find a natural cause for everything in existence and thus it is doomed to fail. There is no scientific cause for everything and we can start with sin itself. Those who bow to the god of science think that you can fix all human problems with more technology, knowledge and money. This is a faulty conclusion: Science cannot change man’s heart.

Take racism for example which, by the way, did not originate in Birmingham, Alabama in the early 20th century. Racism goes back to the flood and beyond. The Romans loathed the Jews and the Jews despised the Gentiles. All the science in the world is not going to fix this problem and neither will education or money. Tell this to the idiots in Washington who keep robbing tax payers and throwing money at the racial problem. Reparations is not the solution; as a matter of fact, it will only make the problem worse. The answer is Jesus because racism is not a scientific problem, it is a spiritual problem.

Another gorgeous day yesterday but I think it is coming to an end. More rain on the way, I think.

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