Invisable Realities


Lord, your word lasts forever. It stands firm in the heavens. You will be faithful for all time to come. You made the earth, and it continues to exist. Your laws continue to this very day, because all things serve you.
Psalms 119:89-91, NIrV


There is nothing in God’s law that will rob you of happiness; it only denies that which would bring you sorrow.

~Charles H. Spurgeon

God created the world from nothing: He simply spoke it into existence. To sustain and govern this gigantic universe, God established certain spiritual and natural laws. These laws hold things in place. These laws are real and they are observable but they are not necessarily visible. One such natural law is the law of gravity: it is very real and even observable but you have never seen gravity, you have only seen its effects. It is like the wind; we don’t see the wind but we do see it effects. Some people argue that there are not natural laws, that all laws are spiritual because they emanate from God but I am not offended by the term natural law. The spiritual world existed before the natural. When God created the natural world, He created laws to govern the natural. He is the creator of both worlds. John the disciple was a mystic, the only one of the twelve who was into philosophy. John saw the natural world as a mirror that reflects the spiritual. In our tiny solar system, everything revolves around the sun. In the real world as I refer to it, everything revolves around the Son. In our natural world the sun in the light but in the real world, the eternal world, the Son is the light.
Jesus was the master teacher; He was an artist at taking the natural world as an example and teaching a truth about the real world {The Kingdom of God}. He used seed, soil, wind, water, etc. to teach spiritual truths. The resurrection is mirrored in the natural world: we lay down in sleep each night only to awaken to a new day. We plant an inanimate seed in the soil and a whole new life springs forth. Actually, the season of Spring is a mirror image of the resurrection. All these trees that appeared to be dead were not really dead, they just looked dead. I refer to this second dimension, this higher or spiritual world, as the real world because it is the ultimate reality and it is eternal. This world is beautiful but it has been marred and scarred by sin and it will not last. Like our Father Abraham, we are passing through, just camping out so don’t drive your tent stakes too deep.
If you drove in to one of our state parks and saw a couple building a house on a camp site, what would you think?

Instead of praying for you today : I want to bless you–

May the Lord who gives peace give you peace at all times and in every way. May the Lord be with all of you. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

Great day yesterday: thank you Jesus. God is good. Winter went by in a flash and Spring has sprung but we are in mud at 1120 Ironman. I have some more work to do on our septic system but we have to have a few days of dry weather for me to be able to do it. As we look forward to the weekend, we have some things to be exited about:
GOLDEN GIRLS meet this Saturday morning at 9:00 at CB in Hartselle. Judy will be back from her cruise and I hope our numbers will be back up. Only two of the GOLDEN GIRLS made the trip to Guntersville. It was too far for the older ones. Sister Sarah is an exception. She loved it and so did I. The second thing I have to look forward to may not excite you but I am preaching Sunday LORD willing. Joe David got a much deserved week off. He will be with us but I will be preaching LORD willing.

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