Jesus Is Everything!


God {the Father] took the list of our sins and destroyed it by nailing it to Christ’s cross. In this way God too away Satan’s power to accuse us of sin.

~Colossians 2:14-15, LNT


If you could gain the whole world and yet lose your own soul, would it be worth it?

~William Franklin Graham

The first two chapters of Colossians is a litany of praise for our LORD and Savior. So many of the false teacher had Christ being less than God but Paul shots down this heresy in a few short verses. Christ is no creature, He is the CREATOR of all that is; the COSMIC GLUE that holds all things together [He is the One hold the nucleus in the center of the atom]; He is the HEAD of the Church and PREEMINENT in all things, but Paul is not finished. Christ is our HOPE of glory; our WISDOM; our JOY and STRENGTH [energy or life]. But you and I would still be in trouble if that was the end of the list: Christ is also our ATONEMENT, the sacrifice that not only paid for our sins but obliterated our sins. Christ became our WHOLE BURNT OFFERING. He took all our sins to the cross and God not only executed them, He obliterated them–they no longer exist. He did not leave Satan with even a shred of evidence to be used against us. If this doesn’t ring your bell, your clapper is broke. If it doesn’t lit your fire, your wood is wet. If it doesn’t crank your tractor, your battery is dead. I am sure, you get my drift. Just a little humon¬†and as the Wilson twins use to tell me, “Very little.”¬†[Jason is nodding his head in agreement]

I know you’ve heard me say a hundred times that JESUS is everything. He is the Alpha and the Omega and everything in between. Translated, this means: “If you have Jesus, you have everything.” Roman men often disinherited their own sons if they did not come up to par. Years ago I heard a story about a wealthy Roman who felt his son was too irresponsible to inherit his estate so he willed it to his highest slave. I can’t remember the slave’s name so I am going to call him Marcus. So Marcus inherits the entire estate, all except one thing belonging to the estate. The lawyer read the will and informed the son that Marcus was getting every thing except one thing that belonged to the estate: this one thing would go to the son. The son said, “That is not a difficult problem, I will take Marcus.” He may have been irresponsible but he was pretty sharp, by choosing Marcus, he got everything. The same is true with Christ: YOU CHOOSE HIM AND YOU GET EVERYTHING.

  • June and I made a 28 hour trip to Jackson and Forest, Mississippi. We left Thursday at 3:30 and started back home Friday at 3:30. The trip was four and half hours going and coming. We praise the LORD for his protection. Last night, I-65 was go slow from Gardendale to our exit at Lacon. First time I’ve ever seen it this way. No wrecks, just too many cars and too little road: plus folks who don’t know how to drive. If you want to talk or text, pull off the road. It’s a good thing I didn’t have a 75mm cannon in the grill of June’s car.
  • You will get a kick out of this: even June laughed. We ate a small breakfast at the hotel yesterday morning and then went to Forest for the visitation and COLS. So we had nothing to eat from 7:00 am until 3:30. I was so hungry, my stomach was hurting. Just before getting on I-20, I pull into Popeye’s for a spicy chicken wing dinner and a delicious biscuit with honey. You must remember that Popeye’s is an AA joint and I’m not talking about Alcoholic Anounymous. The place is chaos. I was tempted to move on but I wanted that biscuit. I place an order, go to the bath room, go to the car and when I get back, they still don’t have my food [to go]. The little girls at the register is totally confused, a man comes from the back and takes my ticket and goes to throwing things in a bag. I had paid 30 minutes prior, so I take my food, go to the car and give the sack to Big Mama. I tell her to wait before giving me my food and I get on the interstate and then she opens the bag: instead of 3 spicy wings, I had two thighs and a leg [I hate thighs and legs] plus they have no spice. My rice doesn’t have a spoon. How do you eat rice without a spoon. Then June goes to laughing…“You don’t have a biscuit either.” With this revelation, I explode. Then I get a lecture…“How many times have I told you, check the order before you leave the restaurant.” Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before but I was in a hurry. I ate the tasteless leg and throw the thighs away. Ten miles down the road, I am still grumbling about the biscuit I don’t have so June gives me half of her biscuit. Her chicken isn’t done and has no spice. She ate an order of fries and a half of a biscuit. That’s all the snake had all day. I can’t live like that! I ate her chicken, a pack of cookies and stopped and got me some candy.

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