Jesus our priest offered one sacrifice for sins for all time. Then He sat down at the right hand of God.

~Hebrews 10:12, NIrV


Whatever your question: Jesus is the ANSWER.


I don’t profess to know everything but there are some things that I am absolutely sure of:

  1. Everything in the bible is about Jesus. He is the fulfillment of every promise. The bible is our HIM book, it all about HIM.
  2. Salvation is by grace: Jesus saves us and He keeps us saved by His power and because of His grace. The only thing we have to boast about is Jesus. As David said in Psalm 89, “We live in the light of His kindness and grace.”
  3. Sanctification is process, not an event, whereby Christ makes us holy. You can cloister yourself to some deserted island but it will not make you holy; only Jesus can make you holy. When He makes you holy, you will not be proud or condescending. Holiness is not the way to Jesus: Jesus is the way to holiness.
  4. Jesus is the alpha and the omega and everything in between. You cannot think of a single need that He cannot fulfill. He is everything you need. He is the Lamb of God {One acceptable sacrifice} and He is the Lion of Judah {LORD of lords}. He is living water and the bread of heaven. He is the Great Physician and the Good Shepherd.

Of course I can go on and on but you get the point. The Jews were proud of their religion but their religion kept them from trusting Jesus. The bible is not about religion, it is about Jesus. Even believing Jews like James the brother of Jesus and Paul could not let go of Judaism. They continued to worship at the temple, even participated in Jewish rites of purification and possibly sacrifices. I love the book of Hebrews because it makes the truth clear. The animal sacrifices were simply a shadow of things to come. They reminded worshipers that sin brings death. The blood of animals had no power; their blood could not atone for sin. Judaism was a arrow pointing to JESUS. It is all about HIM. It has always been about HIM. Does this disturb you? I hope not because if it does, you will be miserable in heaven.

Oops! It’s Block Party Time!!!

This day in 2000 I attended an all day workshop on leadership. All I wrote in my journal was story I heard one of the instructors tell. A man goes to his pastor and ask him to pray that he will have more patience. He comes back a week later visibly upset: “What on earth did you ask for preacher, all hell has broke lose at my house. My wife has been on a rampage for a week.” “Didn’t you say you wanted patience,” said the pastor.  “Yes, that is what I said,” quipped the man. “Well,” said the pastor, “the bible says ‘Tribulation worketh patience and I prayed for God to give you some tribulation.'” Its really not that funny but I thought I would share it.

My construction work is over for a few days as I switch gears and began my heavy prep for the Winter Bible Study next week. I will be going with Joe David to Huntsville this morning for Joe’s surgery. Rebekah’s Hopper’s surgery is tomorrow. I hope you have a great day.

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