“I’m not going unless you go!” Barak told her [Deborah].

~Judges 4:8, CEV


A leader is a person who takes us further than we would ever venture alone.


The book of Judges is an interesting read. It reminds us that good leaders are to be valued. Everything rises and falls on leadership. There is no question: God did the miracles in Egypt: the Red Sea was parted by the power of the Almighty but don’t discount the value of Moses. You and I both know, the Israelites would not have left Egypt without the leadership of Moses. They would not have taken the Promise Land without the leadership of Joshua. They would not have become a powerful kingdom without the leadership of David. Study the history of the kings and you will discover: Judah prospered under good leadership and declined when their leaders were bad. and unfortunately, they had more bad leaders than good. We keep throwing money at education but money is not the problem. The problem in education is at the top, it is the leadership in Washington. Our first mistake was allowing the federal government to take over our schools. This should be a state and local issue. Education will not be fixed until we get good leaders. Why are private schools flourishing? Because they do not have to pay homage to Washington. When leadership is bad, everyone suffers. I don’t disagree with Stephen Covey often; he was a brilliant man and I am not but I do not agree that anyone can be a leader. Yes, I do think leaders can be trained but not everyone has the potential or desire to be a leader and today’s text is proof. I do think leaders are born; that they have extraordinary gifts and obviously, some more than others.

Barak was a respected man and he did have some leadership ability but he told Deborah up front, “I’m not going to gather an army or lead them unless you go with me.” Deborah had a confidence that Barak did not have. He readily admits that he needs her leadership. Barak was more than willing to follow but he did not want to lead. When Deborah told him, “If you don’t lead, you will not get the glory,” it did not change his thinking. Barak was a follower and followers are not concerned about glory. Deborah’s gender had nothing to do with her leadership ability: it had nothing to do with the battle of the sexes. She was the leader because she was God anointed, capable and confident. Like Barak, I would have followed her for those reasons. Putting a person is a position because they are female or from one of these so-called disadvantaged groups [minorities] does not make them a leader. The position doesn’t make the leader, the leader makes the position. That’s what’s wrong with America: we have appointed leaders who are not capable, or gifted to lead. They hold their position because of their gender or race. This is horse feathers which is a synonym for BS.

June thinks I’m crazy because I sit and mumble while watching TV. I don’t watch much but I do watch some just to please her. She likes this show called the Rookie and I like the Rookie himself but this is just one more propaganda tool coming from the left’s tool shed. The supervisor was a competent female and she was killed off week before last. She was replaced by an incompetent white male. Thus there were three in leadership: the incompetent white male, the highly competent black man and the highly competent mixed female {Anglo-Persian}. The white male supervisor lasted only one episode. The highly competent black man out foxed him and got him promoted and out of their hair. Yeah right, blame it all on us deplorable angry white males. We are incompetent dummies.  Everything is our fault: we pay most of the taxes, fight all the wars but everything is our fault. Poverty, crime, drugs, oppression of all sorts–put it all on us. Well I have some breaking news for the whining left–until you take responsibility for your own hangups you aren’t likely to make any progress. Isn’t it time to grow up and stop blaming someone for you fouled up life.

My in-the-house weather person is predicting cold weather this weekend. The arthritis in my right knee is screaming NO, NO, NO.

Tennessee got robbed: what a horrific call. As Gilmer would say, “One of those superman calls, a phantom call.” That touch, not foul, is never called in that situation. They literally threw the game. I am through with them. I didn’t want to watch after that. You get ready, they will do Auburn and LSU the same way. Central Florida got robbed in the Duke game. You can’t convince me that there is not favoritism. They want the Big Ten and ACC to be in the finals. At least we have Charles in our corner. They make a bad call like this on Auburn and Charles will speak out. That game was over with Tennessee winning by two.

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