Melted Desires


When You rebuke anyone to punish his sin, You make what he desires melt away.

~Psalm 39;11, REB


Over time we grow in wisdom or folly according to the ultimate loves and commitments that move us.

~Robert Van Leeuwen

Dr. Kelley challenged us to share our testimony with the ones we love so here goes: I grew up in the 50-60’s with two older brothers and four sisters. My elder brother died as an infant so I never knew he or my granddaddy on the Bailey side. My father finished cement for a living and counting himself, he had nine mouths to feed. We were not rich by any stretch of the imagination but we were not the poorest either. We always had food and clothes. But the necessities of life never seemed to satisfy me, I was always wanting more. My life long dream was to owe land and a house. As a preacher in the last century, there wasn’t much hope I would ever have either but June’s daddy gave us some land and eventually I build my dream house by selling the land Papa had given us. I was obsessed with my dreams. I wanted what I wanted and no one was going to block my goals. Now I am 70 years old, I don’t owe one acre of land, nor do I owe a house yet I am more content now than ever.

How do I explain this phenomenon? I’m sure time and experience are factors but I believe it is mostly God’s grace. By His marvelous, amazing, infinite grace He has melted all my old desires. They are gone and no one is more shocked than I. Here is the sad thing: I make a lot of bad choices. I have not been a good business man and I would have more to give today had I been obedient but I refused to listed to my daddy and to older friends who tried to give me counsel. Dream houses are for the wealthy. They are not for people who have to borrow money and make payments. Unless you can afford it, a dream house will become a nightmare. It will consume your time and your income.

I graduated seminary in the Spring of 1974 and then moved to what I thought was a full time church in Cherokee, Alabama. We had an old Chevy-II, banana yellow with a black vinyl top: not kidding. I reasoned within myself: “This car will not look appropriate in a funeral procession: I am the pastor of a church, I need a new car.” I got one, a 1974 Impala with factory air [big in those days]. It got 11 miles per gallon and my payment was $135.00 a month. I only made $125.00 a week. So it took one paycheck and part of another just to make the payment, then there was insurance and gas. Gas had gone up to 80 cents a gallon. Long story short, I couldn’t afford to drive it. I bought an old $300 VW, black with a green hood and only one windshield whipper. It looked like a piece of junk but I drove it and I parked the Impala behind the house. One of my few friends shared my plight with a good Methodist and he came by and bought the Impala. Hannah rode in the Impala a few times and she could spot those golden arches from a mile away but there was a problem–I didn’t have enough money to buy her an order of fries. I’d rather be in a VW and be able to buy a burger than to have the fancy car with no change in my pocket. So purchase and build according to your needs, not your wants. Giving in to our wants will produce negative consequences that will interfere with our happiness.

I had to go to the Dentist yesterday and spent two hours in the chair. It took him almost an hour to pull one tooth. I’m glad there are no cavities in heaven.

What about this weather! I love it. I wore fat boy shirts Sunday and Monday.

Franklin Graham and Todd Starnes both gave the Super Bowl halftime show a thumbs down. According to them, it was not fit for kids to watch and should have been rated R. Shame on the NFL. Oh, I forgot, they are democrats and they know no shame. When will God fearing people get fed up with the NFL.

Just when you think you’ve heard it all: Praise and worship leader in Indiana writes a hymn that bashes Trump and Trump supporters. I’ll be that was powerful service.

Libs continue to mock Trump supporters with caricature of Oz Characters…

Image result for Wizard of oz characters portrayed as Trump supporters

No Courage, No Clue, No Heart and No Brains…sounds like they are describing themselves…We can add one more…NO MORALITY.

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