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Lead me in the right path, O LORD, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow.

~Psalm 5:8, NLT


There is no such thing as ‘abstract evil’ except in books and college class rooms

~Warren W. Wiersbe

Since the fall of man, there has been a battle going on in this world between good and evil, truth and lies, justice and injustice, and we cannot be neutral in this battle. The Jimmy Carter followers [and there are quite a few] and the folks in Switzerland would disagree. Switzerland, for example has always maintained neutrality in every world war. But if you care to know the truth, Switzerland never denied Hitler one request: he played them like a drum. The reason he did not invade Switzerland was–he didn’t need to, they lacked the resolve and courage to say no to anything he asks of them. Jimmy Carter and the libs live in the land of the gray. Sadly, many of them profess to be Christians yet they are not concerned about abortion or the legalization of same-sex marriage. They are into women’s rights, gay rights, habitat for humanity, and social programs. I’ve had them tell me, “I am neither for or against abortion.” Well, I know exactly how to interpret that statement, they are for abortion. Jesus said, “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.” Jesus never spoke of a gray area, not one time. Two gates, two sons, two eternal destinies {Matthew 25} but never three. Jesus saw two groups of people: the saved and the lost. He never mentioned a third group.

Why do liberals insist upon the world being gray? First of all, they do not want to be accountable but like it or not, we are going to give an account and ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse. Read about the judgment in Matthew 25: was ignorance acceptable? Jesus is not going to say, “Well, you didn’t understand that when you killed a baby at an abortion clinic, you were killing Me so I will let you off the hook.” What he will say is: “If you did it unto the least of these, you did it unto Me.” Sorry folks but I am obligated to tell the truth: Jesus nor the bible teaches a gray area. You either crown HIM or you crucify HIM, there is no in between. Secondly, the gray area allows us to make our own rules. This is exactly what the religious Jews did; they made their own rules. When Jesus confronted them, they got angry, so angry that they hated Him. Have you noticed lately what ‘haters’ liberals are? Recently, when they had the shooting at the country music festival, one liberal said,They got what they deserved. They were probably Trump supporters.” What if one of our Southern Baptist preachers had made that kind of statement from the pulpit about Obama supporters. We would never have heard an end to it. They don’t just hate the President, they hate the first lady. What has this woman done to deserves such hate? I don’t know of thing other than the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous which may mean they are jealous. BUT it is OK for liberals to hate.  After all they are hating the one true evil, we deplorables on the right but they hold us deplorables to a higher standard. If a Republican is caught in a scandal, there is an immediate media frenzy and he is run out of office but a democrat can do anything and that includes sodomizing a 19 year old in the oval office. Where was Jimmy Carter’s moral outrage when that happened? There was none. Trump is now pond scum because he touched a woman inappropriately 30 years ago. I lay odds that slick Willy did it last week. Liberals make their own rules. According to them, we deplorables, nor ISIS, pose the greatest threat to our freedom. One of them said two weeks ago, “I wish Trumps heart would implode and splash freedom on all of us.” What does a liberal know about freedom? How many liberals are US Marines? How many have served in the military or in the streets as our policemen do, putting their lives at risk so these idiots can protest and demonstrate. If you were to remove all the conservatives from America, you would gut the military, the police, the firemen, first responders, churches, hospitals and practically all the missions of mercy like the Salvation Army.

These morons are such fools they would cheer such a proposal. Yeah, get rid of all the deplorables and we can stand in the street with our candles lit singing “All we need is love.” After all, evil does not exist. According to libs the only evil is those of us who call evil, evil. Reagan was evil, Trump is evil, deplorables are evil but those who kill unwanted babies are not evil. Yeah right! I got news for libs: deplorables are not their problem–Jesus is their problem. We will all answer to Him and we will go by His rules.

Well, I departed from my text: what I intended to say was that David was a good leader because he sought God’s will before every major decision. Absalom, his rebellious son did not. David was not perfect but he was a man of passion and prayer. He knew one wrong step could be his downfall so he asks God for direction.

Fantastic weather temperature wise, I wore a short sleeve shirt last night and I did not get cold. Joe David and I could use some prayer. We are doing Rickey’s COLS.

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