My Admiration For The Baptist


John’s clothes were woven from coarse camel hair, and he wore a leather belt around his waist. For food he ate locusts and wild honey.


A man who is little in his own eyes will account every affliction as little, and every mercy as great.

~Jeremiah Burroughs

Those who have followed the blog have probably heard my confession. John the Baptist is my role model. I like John; I have always favored him. He never did a miracle, but everything he said about Jesus was true. There are three things in particular that I like about John. I like the way he dressed. John was a descendant of Aaron and his father Zechariah was a priest. John could have been a priest but God called him to be a prophet, the last of the prophets. John never garbed himself in priestly attire. Jesus, speaking of John, once asks a crowd, “When you went to see John, what did you expect to see, a man decked out in splendid fashion of the day? No, those who were fancy clothes live like kings in a palace. {Matthew 11:7-11} John wore camel hair with a leather belt. No suit and tie. We were in Revival and the team was eating a noon meal in one of our members home. Gray Allison’s name came up. He was one of Bro. Inmans professors at New Orleans and a friend of our evangelist. I said, “I’d like to get him for revival sometime; reckon he would come?” Without a moments hesitation he said, “No, he would never work with you.” Now that bothered me a bit so I said, “Why not?” Again, we no hesitation he said, “Because of the way you dress. He demands that preachers wear suit and ties.” I said, “So he would not work with John the Baptist or Jesus right?” This time there was a long pause and then he said in a much more humble tone, “I’ve never thought about that; I guess you are right.” It is not a guess folks, it is scripture.

But that is not the only reason I admire John: I love the fact that he was politically incorrect. John was a truth teller and his truth and boldness was offensive to people in high places. The cancel culture {Marxist} think they can shout us down by calling us names like ‘racist’. Guess what, I don’t care what they call me. I know my heart and God knows it better than myself. I don’t hate any race. I admit, I have a hard time fellowshipping with Yankee’s, Jews and Germans but I don’t hate them. Jesus was a Jew and Martin Luther was a German.  I guess you might say that Trump is a Yankee and I like him. We are all racist to some degree. The third reason I like John was his humility. He is definitely the most humble man in the New Testament. Barnabas might run a close second. When the JERUSALEM HERALD sent reporters to interview John, he refused to give them his name. They kept saying, “Who are you…the folks who sent us demand an answer.” John said, “Just tell them I am a VOICE crying in the wilderness.” John never competed for the spotlight; he was always pointing people to Jesus.


Had a wonderful visit with the Sides. They were all in Blake’s room yesterday and we had a good time. Scott and I may go into the marriage counseling business. If you take our advice, we can almost guarantee that your wife will leave you within a month. Blake was better, much better, PTL. Also visited with Jane Pope Knight. Jane recognized me but got frustrated at me for not being able to understand what she is saying. She talked the entire time I was there. June and Jan where with her.

Busy day ahead God willing. I love the weather and hope to get in the garden sometime this evening. I hope you have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

BREAKFAST AND the Bible in the morning 5:15 at Warehouse Coffee in Hartselle. Our last meeting in May. We are taking May 28th off. Since the 27th is Memorial Day, I will get two days off. Looking forward to it!

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