No Future For Rednecks


You will be covered with shame and destroyed forever because of the violence done to your brother Jacob.

Obadiah 10, CSB


“Roses are red and mud is brown, we rednecks party with the radio up and the tailgate down.”

~Si Robertson

Cain is the father of the self-willed, Abraham is the father of those who put their faith in God and Esau is the father of the Rednecks. Esau had two names and both were descriptive of his appearance: Esau means hairy. Esau’s body was covered with hair like an animal. Genesis 25:30 tells us about his nickname, Esau said to Jacob, “I’m starved! Give me some of that red stew!” (This is how Esau got his other name, Edom, which means “red.”) It is believed that Esau had red hair and reddish skin, thus it was the original “Redneck.” You may think I being facetious but I am dead serious: Esau was your typical redneck. He had no spiritual inclinations. The things of God were of no interest to Esau. He was consumed by his passion for pleasure. His lifestyle was more important than his life’s purpose. Give him a beer, a burger, a bow, a broad or a brawl and he was happy. Unfortunately, Esau’s sensual life-style did not die with him. His ancestors took on his ignoble traits. Not only were the Edomites hedonist, they hated Israelites. So we have double trouble: rednecks filled with hate. When the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, Israelites were fleeing the country in all directions. The Edomites not only cheered the destruction of Jerusalem and the plight of the sons of Jacob, they assisted the Babylonians in capturing those who were trying to escape the Babylonians through Edom. This act of treachery was the straw that broke the camels back. God said to the Edomites through the prophet Obadiah, “I will destroy Edom forever because of your violence toward Jacob.” God did exactly this: Edom is history.

I think there are several lessons to learn. First, we need to let go of hate and ill will. If we don’t it will destroy us rather than our enemies. The history of this event should also challenge us to shoot for something higher than pleasure. I believe hedonism is a major problem today. I don’t know many Baptist who are true rednecks but I know a lot who pursue more subtle forms of hedonism. We are spending too much money to entertain ourselves and there is going to be a day of reckoning. The entertainment thing has gotten so big that we buy expensive toys for our children simply to keep them entertained. I see small children with expensive electronic tablets. When I was a kid, we stayed outside from breakfast to bedtime. If I was not in the field working, I was at the creek or playing ball. We have kids today who never get off the couch. I worked with Lexi yesterday painting an apartment and I never answered my phone. Lexi said, “Granddaddy, you get a lot done because you don’t stop working to answer your phone.” You can get anything done if you stay on the phone. Cell phones are ruining relationships, businesses and lives. They have become a huge distraction to many people: so much so, that they are not getting their work finished. Every where I go I see both adults and children on cell phones. I know you are going to think I am crazy but I am very afraid this is going to come back and bit us. We are raising a generation of kids who don’t know how to interact or work and they are certainly being shielded from reality and problem solving.

What is more important to you; your purpose or your pleasure? Is your goal in life to see how many times you can go to Disney World or how many people you can lead to Jesus? I promise you, when you are on your death bed, you are going to be saying, “I wish I could have gone to Disney World one more time.” What is more important to you: a boat, a camper, a UTV or giving $600 dollars to missions this year? I know you are not a redneck, no true redneck is going to read this blog but are you sure that you are not following in the footsteps of Esau with all your worldly pursuits.

  • The mercy drops keep falling at 1120 but oh for a gully washer we plead.
  • I had rather PREACH than paint.
  • I am going to post this around 6:00 PM on 7/17/18 but it is tomorrows blog and tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. It is also the day we buried June’s father, Woodrow W. Marbut. I’ going to say, 37 years ago. I think it was the year after Holly was born. June’s daddy’s nickname was “Woody.”
  • Remember to pray for our President and our Pastor.

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