No Future In Idolatry


So the Israelites went up to Baal-perazim, and David defeated the Philistines there… The Philistines abandoned their idols there, and David ordered that they be burned in the fire.

~1 Chronicles 14:11-12 (CSB)


Break down every idol, cast out every foe—Now wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

~James L. Nicholson

One of the sweet ladies at Grace Point called me last Monday and congratulated me on being their ‘permanent’ pastor. I thanked her but then told her, “Permanent is not the right word.” Nothing is this world, other than Jesus, is permanent. The body you live in is not permanent: it is your temporary dwelling place. The house you live in is not permanent. There are a lot of things about this world that I enjoy but none of these things are going to last. Lust hogs can’t imagine a heaven without beautiful women and sex. Hunters can’t imagine a heaven with out woods, lakes and wild game. Alabama fans can’t imagine heaven without the CRIMSON TIDE {I bet Auburn fans can}. The reality is: these things we feel so passionate about are not going to endure forever. The Philistines were idol worshiping heathens. Even their soldiers carried their little miniature gods to the battlefield but when they went up against David, a type of Christ, their idols were of no use and they realized it. When they fled the battle field, they left their idols lying on the ground. This is such a prophetic verse. When I read it, my heart said WOW! When Jesus returns with his army of angels, the idols that men worship are going to be useless. Those who have put their trust in other things will see the futility of their idol worship and they will lay their idols down in the presence of the Almighty.

What am I saying or better still, what is God saying through His inspired word? Don’t put any confidence or trust in the things of this world. It’s no sin to hunt, fish, enjoy football or be one with your spouse but it would be unwise to make these things your gods. These worldly attractions have no future. I am amazed at how patiently God has dealt with me about my idols. Slowly, one by one, I am casting them aside because I’m seeing them as they really are: ‘worthless’. Obviously, as followers of Christ, our greatest passion should be JESUS. When I think of heaven, I think of being in HIS presence. I think about being fully sanctified or fixed. If you longing for heaven is not related to Jesus, we need to talk. That does not mean that you will not see love ones in heaven and it certainly does not mean that heaven will be dull and boring. Heaven will be infinitely better than your best day on earth but who can measure infinity? Who can imagine the upgrade. Our bodies will be infinitely better and so will our lives. No one is heaven will be longing for a football game or a date with Kate Upton. You must trust God on this: what awaits you is infinitely better than anything you have experienced to this point. 

Be careful: the devil’s lie is...”What if God is lying? What if there is no heaven? All this money you are giving to church could be spent on entertainment. You better not trust God, you better not take a chance. You better get rid of the restraints and go for it here and now.” Remember the old country honky-tonk song, “Heaven Is Just A Sin Away.” The devil helped write that song: the truth is “Hell is just a sin away.” Few, who have jumped the nest will confess the truth but their adultery didn’t lead to a heaven on earth. They jumped from the frying pan into fire and are living is a virtual hell.  All of this because they believed the devils lie. God’s law was given because He loves us and he wants us to have a full and meaningful life. When we sin against his law, we sin against our future happiness.

  • I carried my older siblings to Crow Mountain Orchard last week. It is located on Hwy 79 near Skyline, Alabama. They have great apple cider and the trip over makes a good fall excursion. It is very near the WALLS OF JERICHO. If you continue on 79, it will take you to Windchester, TN, the home of Robert Fraley who played QB for the Tide during the Bryant era. Fraley was known as the Windchester Rifle. He made his fame as a sports agent after he graduated from Alabama. He was killed in a plane crash with Paine Stewart the golfer: I’m thinking 1999. Hwy 79 will change numbers when you get into TN.  Before you get to Windchester, take 64-East and go to Hwy 41-A, it will take you to the UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH and a small town named Monteagle. Sewanee University is on the left and it has a huge building that you will see long before you climb the mountain. It was the most beautiful area we saw in our trip.
  • I’m glad I can piddle but my days of turning out a lot of work seem to be over. I started a project yesterday at noon that I thought I could knock out by dark. I was wrong. Murphy’s law was in effect and I got very little accomplished.
  • Oprah and Abrams go down in defeat and I couldn’t be more pleased. These Hollywooders are not as popular as they think. Working people don’t have time to watch Oprah.

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