No Love Lost



The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you.

~John 15:19, NLT


I am as weary of this world as this world is weary of me.

~John Lock


bro. jack marc crowI may doubt a lot of things but one thing I do not doubt–I am out of touch with this world. I do not understand the logic of this world. This world enacts laws that punish the very ones we should be protecting and laws that protect the very ones we should be punishing. Our laws enable us to kill babies but not prosecute the ones who are killing them. Does this make sense to you? This world feeds on the wind, it values glamor, tinsel and pretense. The poor are despised by this world while the rich are famous. The servants are demeanded while the selfish are enthroned. This world has no appreciation for the meek and God fearing and it has no love for our LORD and Christ. This is the bottom line for me folks: I cannot love a world that hates Jesus. I just can’t do it! So I join the likes of John Lock, “I am weary of this world.”

A missionary who had been in a foreign land for the greater part of his life time was coming home for a brief few years of retirement. This was in the early 1900’s and he came into New York harbor on a steamer. Teddy Roosevelt was on the same ship but the missionary was not aware of his presence because he was in third class and was not free to mingle with first class. As they moved into port, the third class passengers were allowed on deck and the missionary spotted a band and a crowd cheering. His first thought was: “I am not forgotten, they are welcoming me back home with a marching band and cheering crowd.” But that was a brief thought because seconds later he saw the President getting ready to walk down the gain plank. Roosevelt was returning from Africa also where he had been on a safari. He got the grand welcome for being on a mission to kill animals. The missionary was ignored and he was returning from a mission to save men. This world has no appreciation for what is truly important, they are like the hog who tramples the pearl in the mud and then turns to eat the slop.


  • The strangest thing happened yesterday. I did the blog at the office and put a lot of time into it. It was a scathing denounciation of the evil of the democratic party. I hit the publish button and it came up on my office computer. I get home and it will not come up. I went back to the office last night and hit the publish button again but it did not show up on my phone, only the office computer. So I came back to the office today and updated, then closed out. Now the entire blog has disappeared. I can’t find it any where.
  • Norman schedule Sunday.

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