Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.

~Proverbs 12:15, NLT


No one is objective and we can start with the modern person’s prejudice against anything that is not modern.

~Timothy Keller

Someone has said, “The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.” This may be true in part but the fault lies in our ignorance, not is history. History can teach us many things and only a fool would destroy the very foundation that he is standing on. I agree with Keller, no one is purely or perfectly objective. This should be our goal but we are not there, not even close. Every one is prejudice. I would have to claim perfection to say that I had no bias. I had never heard of Nick Cannon until yesterday morning when he was mentioned by Rick and Bubba. He is a black entertainer and TV producer: evidently very successful. He hates white people and he had assumed that Jews were white. He believes that blacks are the chosen race {true Hebrews} and that whites are savages and he made the mistake of lumping Jews in with the whites. They were offended by his comments and he got fired.

Here is the irony or the ignorance, I’m not sure which applies: the Jews own the entertainment industry and have since the early part of the last century. Obviously Nick didn’t know who was signing his paycheck and that is on him. What he did was ignorant. After they fired him, they gave him a quick tutorial and explained to him the difference between a Jew and a Anglo-Saxon. So, he then apologized to the Jewish community. I guess he wants his job back. You and I know the difference between an Anglo-Saxon and a Jew but he didn’t. So is there a connection between ignorance and objectivity? I think the answer is a definite “Yes!” I didn’t find the quote on the web but Rick said that Cannon believes that all whites are savages, no exceptions. I would say this qualifies as a prejudicial statement. There is a huge bias here and I do think it is steeped in ignorance. Don’t misunderstand what I am saying, “enlightenment” from the world’s point of view is not going to help the racial problem. I do think that if we get into scripture, we will get help. We can improve but only if we are willing to face the truth and allow others to correct and advise us. Sin and ignorance are not racial problems, they are human problems. All men are sinners and all are ignorant to a degree. I am overwhelmed by my ignorance. This doesn’t mean that I am happy with it; to the contrary, I want to learn. I learn something new everyday.

For the past three weeks, the Bailey’s have been playing TAG. We have a group coming in from the beach this evening and another group leaving for the beach. Everyone has been to the beach except Big Mama and I and we are heart broken. Mylee is coming home and loading right back up and going again. I think this is her third trip to the beach. Josie and Ty are going back for their second time. Meanwhile Big Mama and myself just can’t seem to get away. I have asthma and my oxygen level is about 93. Wearing a mask makes me really uncomfortable so I guess I will stay home. The mask would not be bad in winter but in this heat, I find it hard to breath. I was reminded yesterday that this is for two weeks [wearing the mask] but that is also what they said about the shut-down. Sorry folks, I do not trust politicians. Alabama needs a governor.

Pray for me: LORD willing I will be doing Bill {William Cooper} Smith’s COLS at 11:00. I have been blessed by Bill. He is a gentleman, faithful man and extremely considerate. Bill was an encourager. He was very knowledgeable on education and sports. He grew up in Mobile, played Basket ball at William Carey College. He was a basketball coach and then principle of Huntsville High School. For the last few years, Bill has been a fixture of Brewer High School where he subs almost every day. The younger teachers loved Bill. He was their mentor and encourager. Bill was loved and will be missed.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading the blog.

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