Bodily exercise profits little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

~1 Timothy 4:8, AV


If God had wanted me to touch my toes, He would have put them on my knees.

~Brian Ellis

I hate to be the one to cry “foul” but some folks need to watch their language at church; especially Sammy Anders and Joe David. Two straight weeks in a row, Sammy used a bad word in our LCBS class. He mentioned the word “gym” and “workout.” I told him I was offended by such tasteless language, there is no call for it. On the very same day I rebuked him, he used the word “Gym” again ten minutes later. I said, “Sammy, you have to stop using bad language around me.” Then Joe David mentions it from the pulpit. I don’t understand why folks cannot carry on a decent conversation without mentioning obscene words like gym, exercise and workout. I’m with Brian Ellis, this body of clay is going to perish and no matter what you do, you cannot preserve it: Kenny Rogers is a case in point. It looked 65 before his face lift and now he looks 95. I get all the exercise I need getting in and out of the shower. My breathing is so heavy when I get in and out of the shower that June nick named me Darth Vader. Go ahead, have a big laugh but when you get 67 you will not be laughing, you will be breathing like a fish out of water. I like Junior Hill’s workout routine; just before he goes to sleep, he does one pull up and one roll over. He pulls up the cover and then rolls over in bed. You may think I’m kidding but even that routine winds me. 


Danville was in the County Tournament. Tom Bennich, Bob Williams, J.B. Sydner, Barbara James and James Krovite {who I do not remember} were all in the hospital.  I also went to see Emma Lindsey in Huntsville {nursing home}.

Very interesting day yesterday. I had lunch with about 15 high school class mates. I remembered all the guys but only one of the ladies. I’m going to have to find my old year book. You do a lot of forgetting after 50 years. There were 133 in our class and 17 have departed this world; another dozen are in very bad health. I was so nervous about meeting these old class mates that I sat in my car until the guy who invited me drove up. I did have a good time. I sat by a guy who married one of the ladies. He is a native of New Orleans. We had a stimulating conversation. He attended LSU but he is an Alabama fan. He loves North Alabama. He said he had no desire to live in New Orleans.

Today is a big day for Holly: she takes her Real Estate test–please say a prayer for Holly.


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