Offended By Him


“Isn’t this the carpenter, the son of Mary, and the brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And aren’t his sisters here with us? ” So they were offended by Him.

~Mark 6:3, CSB


Don’t forget that a person’s greatest emotional need is to be appreciated.

~Hugh J. Brown

Jesus made His head quarters in Capernaum which was a village on the Northern side of the Sea of Galilee. He commissioned at least 70 disciples to visit the villages in the Galilee region and announce His coming. These groups of two were front teams preparing the way for Jesus to come later. Then Jesus began traveling from village to village. To get away from the Pharisees and Jewish religious leaders, Jesus went as far North as Tyre and to the East, He went into the Gentile territory of Decapolis. It appears to me that He made Nazareth one of His first stops. Mark covers this event in three verses. Jesus spoke in the synagogue; the Nazarene’s were amazed at His wisdom and His power to do miracles but they couldn’t believe it was the same Jesus who grew up among them. Mark and Matthew simple say, “So they were offended by Him.” You have to go to Luke to get an explanation. Jesus did the synagogue reading and it was from Isaiah 61…“The Spirit of the LORD God is upon Me.” This is one of many Messianic prophecies and this reading may have agitated them to some degree but Jesus comments is what offended them. In a nutshell, Jesus said, Truly, I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown. But this is nothing new, where did Elijah go when he needed food and shelter. He went to a widow in Zarephath in Sidon. Although Elisha had the power to cure a leper, not a single Israelites was cleansed, only a Gentile named Naaman from Syria.” When Jesus mentioned these two Gentiles, both recipients of Gods grace and mercy, the entire synagogue was enraged. Basically, the same thing happened to Paul. When he was arrested in Jerusalem and almost torn to pieces by the mob, the Romans rescued him and was taking him back to the barracks when Paul asks if he could address the mob. Paul was able to get them quite and he spoke for several minutes but when he mentioned the ‘Gentiles’, the mob went into a frenzy. The code word is “Gentile.” Jews hate Gentiles which is everyone who isn’t a Jew.

The recent movie about Paul and Luke portrayed Luke as a Greek, a Gentile which is the traditional church view. There are many today who question this but it seems reasonable to me. Without Luke’s account, we would not know what actually offended the Jews. Jews are like doctors, they have a tendency to defend one another no matter what but Luke gives us an unbiased account. Lately in my study, I’ve been thanking the LORD for Dr. Luke. June watched a program on CBS Tuesday night that portrayed a white male as a racist and the victims were Jews and blacks. The three stars were a white woman, a mixed male and a black woman. My own wife thinks I’m crazy but I told her, that show was produced by Jewish money and truth be known, probably written by a Jew. No one is the world is more racist than the Jews but this is a truth they want to keep covered. They hated Gentiles in Jesus day and I’m telling you, nothing has changed. They have a deep seated angry toward us that you would not believe. Why would the rich Jews in America hate  white Gentiles and love blacks? They don’t love blacks; they use blacks. Who founded the NAACP? I’ll let you find that out for yourself. The Ashkenazi Jews who dominate the American Jewish community have the highest average intelligence of any human group on the planet and they have shown an extraordinary ability to orchestrate situations that better their interest. They view white nationalism as the greatest potential threat to their existence. Their strategy is to undermine our American racial heritage and they are doing this through civil rights groups and by promoting diversity {homosexuality, same sex marriage, etc.}. They also support massive immigration. Their goal is to dilute the power of the white state. They do not fear blacks but Jews are horrified at the thought of a strong nationalistic white state. Don’t get the idea that because they give millions to the NAACP, BLM and all these other flaky civil rights groups that they are not racist. We are talking about highly intelligent people who have a master plan and they are working it. Remember, they own the media which keeps them hidden safely in the shadows. If it is any consolation: they hate Jesus more than they hate us. Remember, not all Jews rejected Jesus then or now. I am referring to those who have rejected Christ.

The bottom line is: Jesus was hated and unappreciated by the Jews. In spite of their rejection and persecution, He did His job. They didn’t stop Him 2,000 years ago and they will not stop Him now. The moral of the story: do what God has called you to do whether you are appreciated or not. 

  • This time last week, I would have bet June’s .8 of an acre that we wouldn’t see a rain like this until late November but Praise God I was wrong. Mandy had to break out her galoshers. Hallelujah! Let it rain!
  • Continue to pray for Amanda and Phyllis plus the children that are battling cancer. Belinda Childers found out yesterday that her niece has leukemia. Of course we already have the Rooks child on our prayer list. Thank the LORD for St. Jude’s.
  • I laughed so hard last night that my head ached: My golf team from Grace Point thought I was making fun of them. I really wasn’t but they got me tickled and I couldn’t stop laughing. I was waiting at the club house for their score card and they drove right by me and the leader said rather bluntly, “We are not turning in a score card.” The two in that cart went straight home. When Daniel came to the club house I asked, “What was your score? He said 91. I said, “You are mistaken, it can’t be 91.” I couldn’t believe it so I first thing last night I asked them to tell me the truth and I like to have gotten shot. One of them was armed. I’ve got to get them in another tournament so they can redeem themselves. Our best golfer, Don Murphy, wasn’t there. Don would have made a difference. Don Widner told me, “You are playing next time Bud and then we will make fun of you.” Terri said Don could barely walk when he got home. At least this didn’t happen…

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