Our Disease


Not a single person on earth is always good and never sins.

~Ecclesiastes 7:20, NLT


Sin is the most terrible, the most devastating, disease in the universe.

~William Franklin Graham {Personal Peace, p.12}

If you think everyone admires Billy Graham, think again. Some moron posted this on the internet…BillyGraham was a red-baiting, fear-mongering, antisemitic, homophobic nationalist, corporatist, crony capitalist and war-monger. If I understand correctly, a Red Baiter is one who denounces communism or Marxism. If they said this about Billy Graham, what would they say about me? Let me tell you what they hate about Billy Graham. They hate the fact that he preached God’s word and told them the truth and the truth is, we have all sinned. Marxism teaches that man is good, it is the system that is evil. This is hogwash. All men are hopelessly depraved and are incapable of producing true righteousness.

Dr. Graham said, “The Bible teaches that our souls have a disease. It is worse than any cancer or heart disease we can face. It is the plague that causes all troubles and difficulties in world. It causes all the pain, confusion and disillusionment, in our lives. This disease is the most terrible problem in the universe and it has crippled every one of us; no exceptions.” Sin has destroyed our peace. Sin has robbed us of our nobility. We don’t like to talk about sin, especially our sin. If we do discuss sin, we prefer to talk about the sin of others. The world has a zero tolerance to the preaching of sin–they hate it. In their view, the only sin is to call sin a sin. Truth is, sin has caused all the heartache, sorrow, bitterness, violence and shame in history. Money and prosperity will not fix the sin problem, and neither will science, medicine or technology. There is only one cure for this dreadful disease and that is Jesus.

What are the odds that Josh Tucker, the author of the quote above, is a cultural Marxist and that he hates Reagan, Nixon and Trump but loves Kennedy, Clinton and Obama. I will not waste my time finding out but it is a hunch. All Marxist hate the truth; they hate Jesus who is TRUTH. They hate the Bible and all preachers who preach the Bible. It takes some faith to believe that God loves us but it takes none to believe that we are sinners; there is evidence to the fact every where you look, in your heart or in the world. We need Jesus!


The moment God revealed my depravity to me, I began preaching it in the pulpit and it didn’t go over so well. One lady complained to a friend, “I like Bro. Jack, but he never says anything good about us.” Folks, I can’t make stuff like this up. One man came to me and said, “You need to let up, they are not use to this. They need to be stroked every now and then. Pat them on the back, give them some encouragement.” You can imagine what happened. Perhaps I went overboard: I have that tendency but I stand by the book, our righteous is filthy and unacceptable to Holy God. We need Jesus!

Senior Adult fellowship today at 11:30 a.m. Have a great Friday and thanks for reading the blog.

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