Perpetual Hatred



I will turn your cities into ruins, and you will become a desolation. Because you maintained a perpetual hatred and gave the Israelites over to the power of the sword in the time of their disaster.

~ Ezekiel 35:4-5 (CSB)


I don’t have time to hate those who hate me; I’m too busy loving those who love me.

~Image Quotes

Issac had two sons, Esau and Jacob but it was apparent from early on that God’s hand was upon Jacob and indeed, he became the blessed one. Esau was rough, rugged and profane. He had no taste for Sunday School or family devotion. He was into hunting, fishing, fighting and chasing women. Esau was a hedonist–his god was pleasure and he pursued it day and night. Although Jacob was deceitful and untrustworthy, he did have a spiritual appetite, something his brother did not share. Long story short, God blessed Jacob and he became great, so great that Esau took his family and migrated to a land just East and South of Canaan. In time, the two families became two nations, the Israelites and the Edomites. Esau refused to let go of the past and he taught his descendants to hate Israelites. This hatred became perpetual and went on for generations. Ezekiel’s prophecy in chapter 35 concerned Edom who would be utterly destroyed because of their hatred for the Israelites. It is an age-old truth: hatred with destroy the hater. A rattlesnake carries deadly venom in glands behind its eyes, when the snake bites, the venom is secreted. Actually this feature is for the snakes protection from its natural enemies. Only 8,000 humans are bitten annually and only five of the 8,000 die from the bite. The rattlesnake is immune to its own toxic venom. God did not create humans in the same fashion: we cannot carry toxic venom without it destroying us. If you goal is to destroy someone else; you will destroy yourself in the process. Why not make your goal to help someone else?

Just give it some thought: one person gets up each day to discredit, to defame or destroy another person and the second person gets up thinking about someone he or she can help. Which of the two will be healthy and pleasant to be with? What are the rewards for being a hater? The Edomites cheered when the Babylonians invaded Israel. They also strapped on their swords and ambushed fleeing Israelites who were trying to get out of the country. We are talking about helpless refugees being slaughtered by the Edomites. Perhaps there was some sadistic pleasure in the moment but what long-term benefits came from their perpetual hatred? If you give this some thought, I think you will choose a better way than living to discredit and destroy others.

  • Ray will be moving to a rehab facility today LORD willing. Pray for Mary as she makes arrangements for Ray’s care. When I went in to see him yesterday, he was sleeping like a baby. I am thankful we got the Block Party done in Ray’s honor. He enjoyed it.
  • I could use some prayer today: I have a lung doctor appointment at 10:00 and Betty’s COLS at 2:00.
  • Today is Big Mama’s birthday. Tomorrow is Jerry Segars. Sunday is the Twins–Lara and Lexi who will be 21. As Keith would say, “Unbelievable!”

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