Politics From The Pulpit


Now Herod had arrested John and bound him and put him in prison because of Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife, for John had been saying to him: “It is not lawful for you to have her.”

~Matthew 14:3-4, NIV


The only sin in the post-modern world is to call sin a sin.

~Adrian Rogers

Well, for what it is worth, I attended the SBC yesterday and heard the presidents address which among other things was a denunciation of all preachers who endorse a political party or candidate. I am not a member of any party. In principle, I am a Republican because we live in a Republic and I happen to love the constitution but I do not belong to or promote either party. The Republicans are weak: they lack courage and backbone and most of Trumps supporters are not republicans. The Republican Party has never supported Trump and that is because they are weak and spineless. The democrats on the other hand are totally depraved. If there was anything good to say about them; I would be glad to say it. When Clinton acted immorally, I called him out. If Trump begins acting like Clinton, I will call him out also. J.D. Greear is not my hero. I have no desire to be like him. I do admire John the Baptist and he called Herod out, called him an adulterer and got thrown into prison because he told the truth. John was faithful to preach Jesus and he also preached the truth even if it offended those in politics. Actually, truth is another word for Jesus…Jesus is TRUTH. I wonder what Greear and the Mohlerites would think about John.

I am not going to speak dogmatically because I could be wrong. I don’t think I am, if I did I would change my position but there is a slight possibility. Jesus used two metaphors in describing our responsibility to the world: we are to be SALT and LIGHT. This idea of believers staying out of politics is what got us in this place to begin with. The world system, which some are allying with, doesn’t want to be rebuked for any behavior. According to some, we are to stick to the gospel and never mention anything that might offend someone. I wonder if J.D. and the social justice crowd realize that Paul wrote Romans one. Would these folks rebuke Paul for not sticking to the gospel. How dare this man call homosexuality a sin. How dare him say that it is a form of judgment and that those who condone such behavior are as guilty as those who do it.

These folks are subtle and they are very intelligent. They are charismatic and charming. They know how to win friends and influence people but their desire to manipulate others frightens me as well as their lust for power. I would feel a lot better about the convention if Al Mohler resigned his position and removed himself from the picture. It is not good for one man to have this kind of power and it does not speak well of him to desire it. Beware of the Sadducees, they are not dead.

I pray for our President everyday and I am going to continue to do so. I also pray for Franklin Graham and I plan to continue. TRUMP may fail; after all he is just a man. He may have another moral failure; it could happen. But I don’t want him to fail. I pray that he doesn’t. It bothers me that we have folks who profess to be Christians that are praying for him to fail. I sensed this spirit from this group: they want him to fail so they can say to people like me–“We told you so.” These people who are upset with us for supporting Trump say on stage that were not Hillary supporters…Yeah right, last time I checked, there were only two choices. I also detected a condescending arrogance.

I tried to plow my garden yesterday evening and I tried to pull some weeds. The ground was hard and dry. You want to see a dust bowl, come to 1120 Iron Man Road. But you know what, I will take the cool weather over the flood I did not get. Thank You LORD for this cool spell and the hope of rain tomorrow.

I posted this blog much later than usual because June nephew was in an accident of sorts and we were at the Hospital until midnight.

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