Prayer For The Anointed


I will beat down his adversaries before him and destroy those who hate him. 

~Psalm 89:23, TLB


“Prayer is an opening of a channel from God’s fullness to our emptiness.”

~Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

Psalm 89 is a royal song about David. This Psalm contains a vision by the prophet Nathan and I thought it was very interesting. In this vision, God said to Nathan, “I have chosen a splendid young man from the common people to be the king— he is my servant David! I have anointed him with my holy oil. I will steady him and make him strong. His enemies shall not outwit him, nor shall the wicked overpower him. I will beat down his adversaries before him and destroy those who hate him. I will protect and bless him constantly and surround him with my love; he will be great because of me. When I read this I thought to myself, this would be a good prayer for us to pray for president Trump.

I pray for the president every day and I am challenging you to do the same. Any man who is as hated as much Donald Trump has to be doing something right. It was reported from Florence yesterday by one of our friends in Cherokee, that Logan’s Road House refused to serve a family that were wearing Trump 2020 mask. Listen folks, we must lift our president up: a part from God’s marvelous grace he cannot survive. The evil that pursues him is too great in power and too relentless in zeal. Trump’s courage, which is great, is not enough. We must pray for him daily. Only God can save our president and I strongly feel that our future depends upon it.

There was a song in the service at DBC yesterday that touched me {all of them did but this one I could not get off my mind}.

You revive me
You revive me lord
And all my deserts are rivers of joy
You are the Treasure, I could not afford
So I’ll spend myself till’ I’m empty and poor.

I absolutely love it…I’ll spend myself till I am empty and poor and all my deserts will become rivers of joy. This is the secret folks: God can’t fill us when we are saturated with ourselves, sated with earthly Pleasures and filled with vain ambitions. If you keep getting poorer and emptier: that is a good thing because God can fill you with better things than this world could ever dream of; let alone offer. Hallelujah, I am about to shout!

More and more Covid cases are being spotted but do not be alarmed or afraid, the death rate for covid is extremely low. It is proving to be less dangerous than the flu. Rick and Budda stated this morning that if it were not an election year, things would be back to normal they way they are in many European countries. If it had not been a election year, it would have been treated like the flu. So I was right all along: our response to the covid was a political conspiracy to hurt the economy and undermine Trump’s bid for re-election. It was manufactured by the extreme left and unfortunately, the majority have bought into it hook, line and sinker. There is no earthly reason school can not resume as normal. All they are doing now is perpetuated the myth. You have been lied to folks: these people are not trustworthy.

Big Mama and I have changed our plans. We are going to leave for Mayberry {Mount Airy} this evening. Josh is doing a YOUTH CONFERENCE at the church this week–every night through Thursday night beginning at 6:00. He has invited the Danville Youth to join him. It is a virtual conference, piped in from Pigeon Forge.

This means no blogs for a few days! It may be Friday before you get another one.

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