Prayer Verses Hate


I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone, for sovereigns and for all in high office so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life, free to practice our religion with dignity.

~I Timothy 2:1, REB


“If conscience disapproves, the loudest applause of the world are of little value.”

~John Adams

I’ve been putting it off but today I decided to procrastinate no longer. I want to urge all of you to pray daily for our President. I honestly believe our prayers can make a difference. It is common knowledge that the democrats along with Hollywood and the media have conspired to destroy President Trump. Unfortunately, Trump is not all that they will destroy. They have every intention of destroying the REPUBLIC. If you were government educated like myself, you were taught that we live in a democracy and that is because democrats control education. This is a lie out of hell and it can be easily verified if you have a stomach for truth. The democrats want our guns, bibles and 401-K’s and had Hillary won, you would have seen their attempt to get all three.

You may be under the illusion that the democratic party is an amalgamation minorities and flaky civil rights groups but at the top of this evil empire, this wicked house of abortion is a group of wealthy elitist, folks like Michael Bloomberg. Their purpose is not to promote homosexual rights, gay marriage and such but in order to bring a coalition together and create a political power, they cater to every deviate group in America. These people are Christ haters, Trump haters and they are pure evil. They think nothing of taking the life of an innocent child. First they profit from it financially and secondly, it enables them to control the population of the unwanted. These people have no intention of sharing their throne with minorities: they simply use them. Minorities are their minions, their dupes who blindly march to the beat of their socialistic drum. They have no problem using the lie to accomplish their goals. They are evil, spin doctors full of deadly poison.

Unfortunately they get the support of a lot of ignorant middle class people who profess to be followers of Jesus. These mindless dupes ignore the fact that abortion is taking an innocent life and that Romans one condemned everything the democratic party stands for. They are also TRUMP HATERS. How can you be a Christian and hate anyone? According to scripture, you can’t. We are not dealing with a political party as such, we are dealing with pure evil. Evil is relentless: it never takes a day off or a sabbatical. This evil force will destroy our President. He is not strong enough to win this battle. He may think that but trust, he is not. We must lift him up in prayer daily. These folks are not playing games: they intend to destroy our president who has been the best leader since Reagan. The economy is booming. Unemployment for blacks is at an all time low but these idiots don’t care about AMERICA: all they care about is getting their way. Truth be known; their intent is to destroy the AMERICA we know and love.

In case you didn’t understand the above let me say it clearly: the democrats are pure evil and I pray daily for God to bring down the wicked house of abortion; every single plank. I pray that it will implode like a house of cards. I’ve been praying this for a year and I made it public so God can get the glory. When it happens: you will know that God did it!

Bro. Tim’s message got to me. I’ve tried to be nice but this political correctness disturbed my conscience. Another good revival service. It seems strange going to church in pitch dark and last night at 6:30, it was pitch dark.

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