Praying Amiss


Ask the LORD to help us. Nebuchadnezzar is attacking us. He is king of Babylonia. In the past the LORD did wonderful things for us. Maybe He’ll do them again. Then Nebuchadnezzar will pull his armies back from us.”

~Jeremiah 21:2, NIRV


If God doesn’t want something for me, then I should not want it either.

~Philip Yancey

Jeremiah was highly unappreciated. The religious establishment of his day persecuted him. They beat him, put him in stocks on the public square, threw him in prison and eventually put him in the bottom of a well. But when Nebuchanezzer’s army surrounded Jerusalem, they asked Jeremiah to pray for them which of course he refused to do. Instead of praying for them, he preached to them…

‘This is what the LORD says, “I am offering you a choice. You can choose the way that leads to life. Or you can choose the way that leads to death. Those who stay in this city will die of war, hunger or plague. But those who go out and give themselves up to the Babylonians who are attacking you will live. They will escape with their lives. In other words, God is not going to save this city and the only way you can be saved is to admit your thinking is in error and surrender to the Babylonians. Prideful Judah neither admitting their wrong nor did they surrender.

Judah needed to repent pure and simple but they refused to do so. Instead of turning from their way, they wanted Jeremiah to ask the LORD to bless their way. In other words, they were not looking to the LORD for direction, they were wanting Him to bless their rebellion. This has happened to me several times. People come to me with their schemes and they want me to bless them. The cases that come to mind involve divorce where the one who has been unfaithful comes to me with all their excuses and tells me their plans expecting me to give them my approval which I don’t. After one such frustrating experience, I got in the car with a friend to go to lunch and I shared with him my frustration. I will never forget what he said, “Bro. Jack, you are giving them advice and they don’t want your advice, they want your blessings.” Well, I have news for all: God will not bless your disobedience. Now if you are willing to repent and do things HIS way instead of yours, He will bless you and I will gladly pray for you. Otherwise the only pray I can pray is for you to repent.

Another beautiful day. I can’t complain about the tempts but I sure would enjoy a 2 inch rain. What about an all day rain that falls gently! I know how to create a dry spell: all I have to do is transplant a bunch of shrubs and flowers which I did early this spring and now I am having to water.

Got some cucumbers planted this morning and hopefully some corn this evening.

Remember, no mid-week service tonight in lieu of the FOREMAN visitation which is 6:00-9:00.

Baptisms this Sunday during recognitions and front pew shower for Keri Callahan {Wedding Shower}

Josie Tate picked up her first win and complete game last night or at least the first that I have seen. She went the distance against a group that was twice her size. Lori was worried about her getting hit with a line drive and so was I but she kept them off balance with her change up. Congrats Josie Tate.

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