The worries of this world…choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful.

~Mark 4:18-19


Until Jesus becomes your highest priority, you will always fear the unknown and be choked by the worries of this world.

Charles Stanley

The greater our anxiety, the less our production. The creative juices do not flow when we are anxious. When we are bound up by fear and apprehensions, we cannot function as we normally do. Anxiety can be paralyzing. When you see a person with a day-timer {Planner/Calendar}, you know they are organized and they don’t like to waste time. They go to bed at night thinking about the next day and they get up with a to do list on their mind. They keep this list in the day planner and they learn to prioritize the list so that they can do what matters most first. People who get more done are the ones who tackle the hard things first. They go after the most difficult thing on the list, get it done and then go from there. It works because we are usually anxious about the more difficult things. The sooner we get them off our minds the better off we will be and the more we will get done.

So what ever you are dreading and fretting about; get it done so you can get on with your life. Usually it has to do with confrontation which most people do not like. Perhaps you need to tell your wife that she can’t cook and that y’all are going to eat out from now on. She might not be as hurt as you think. Whatever it is, get it in the rearview ASAP.


Keep praying for our folks battling cancer. Pray for your pastor as he prepares for Sunday. Bundle up, cold weather is coming. God bless you: have a happy Friday and a good weekend.



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