The end of the matter, all that has been heard: fear God and keep His commandments, because this is the end of the matter for all mankind.

~Ecclesiastes 12:13, LSB


Every government consist of mere men and is strictly viewed as makeshift. If it adds to God’s commands, it lies, and it lies dangerously.

~C.S. Lewis

What is progress? Everything depends on your definition of progress. What the left calls progress; I call regress. What they call progress is not taking us to a higher level of living; it is actually taking us down. The right for a woman to take the life of her unborn child is progress to them, but not to me. Gay rights and same sex marriage is progress to them, but retrogression to me. They call themselves “Progressive”, a term they have used since the enlightenment, but what they call progress or going forward. to being going forward, I call going backward.

The progressives believe that man can solve his own problems; we have no need for a higher power. Not only do they deny the existence of the Sovereign God who holds all accountable, they deny man’s sinful nature. According to progressives, sin is never the problem. The main problem is ignorance, and they can educate that away. They believe that science and education will make man better, but neither science or education has the power to sanctify man or make him better. Education and science without morality produces intellectual fools.

Following the enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, things were going to get progressively better because at last, we humans evolved to a stage where faith in God was no longer necessary. We were going to make such progress that science and education would solve every problem, even death. Joy Davidson, the wife of C.S. Lewis, ask a young lady if she had ever thought about death. The young lady’s response was, “By the time I reach that age, science will have done something about it.” {God In The Dock, p.295} Joy Davidson Lewis was promoted in 1960. This means that this young lady could be living today but if so, she would be in her late 80’s. Do you think science has come up with a way to beat death? Of course not, these poor idiots are fools. Sin is man’s primary problem. Lewis said, “Everything human needs redemption.”

Tomorrow, we will talk about the destination of this so-called progress.


A lot of news from yesterday. Granny Turrentine had a slight heart attack. She is in HH I think. Jackson was also in Women’s and Children yesterday but came home last night. Titan is also sick. Both of them have congestion. They were both better last night.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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