Prowling, Howling and Growling


Each evening they come back, howling like dogs and prowling about the city. They roam about for food, and growl if they do not get their fill.
~Psalm 59:14-15, NRSV


If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.
~Adolf Hitler
The setting of Psalm 59 is Saul’s attempt to have David murdered in his bed. Michal, Saul’s daughter and David’s wife, helped David escape but then to protect herself, she lies to her dad and tells him that David had forced her. It could be that David is reflecting on this event when he writes this Psalm. David felt like a victim…[v.3] Even now they lie in wait for my life; the mighty stir up strife against me. For no transgression or sin of mine, O Lord, for no fault of mine, they run and make ready. Rouse yourself, come to my help and see...and indeed he was because Saul, out of pure jealously, had made destroying David his life’s purpose. As Saul discovered, David was not an easy man to destroy. In the beginning, David was very popular so Saul had to discredit him, defame his character: otherwise Saul would look like a murderer. So the lie that circulated was that David’s was a traitor, a Benedict Arnold, a man unfaithful to his country.
Twice David refers to his enemies as prowling dogs…[v.6-7] Each evening they come back, howling like dogs and prowling about the city.  There they are, bellowing with their mouths, with sharp words on their lips— for “Who,” they think, “will hear us?” [14-15] Each evening they come back, howling like dogs and prowling about the city. They roam about for food, and growl if they do not get their fill. Before I had finished reading the entire Psalm, the FAKE NEWS group had crossed my mind. David gives us a perfect description of the LAME STREAM MEDIA or the FAKE NEWS hypocrites who call themselves journalist. Someone was telling me just a few days ago that they were giving consideration to boycotting all the news. I told them that I had stopped watching the news 25 years ago. There are several reasons I do not watch TV news. 
  1. They have no credibility. Brian Williams and Dan Rather; need I say more. They do not report news, they distort news. They twist and pervert the context until it fits their agenda. Do you honestly thing Channel 19, owned by the New York Times for a quarter of a century and now the Chicago Tribune is going to tell you the truth about liquor, gambling, politics or anything else. They profit from all these things: they would not dare tell the truth about the destruction that Alcohol does in this country. My philosophy is: If they lie about one thing, they cannot be trusted about anything.
  2. They refuse to report good news. Why would any healthy sane person want to watch the modern version of the news; it is depressing. June feels a need to tell me about all the depressing stuff she hears on the news but I don’t really want hear it. Why would I want to hear about some insane mother drowning six children in a bath tube? Years ago, I called Melanie Smith at the Decatur Daily Democrat and told her I had a wonderful story, some good news. I told her what the Danville kids had been doing each year for Baccalaureate. You would not believe what came out of that conversation. They did an article but it was not about the Danville kids. She went to all the high schools and interviewed the principles and they all in one accord explained why the schools no longer do Baccalaureate. I think Austin High was the one exception. The Danville kids got no praise or recognition. To quote the late Jimmie Stephenson, “If you find the truth in the Decatur Daily, it is a coincidence.”
  3. They have a liberal bias. These people support everything the scripture condemns: abortion, gay rights, same-sex marriage and on and on you can go. If God is for it, they are against it. They are in direct rebellion against God and will not admit it.

David’s enemies were liars: they used their lying tongues as weapons and they were persistent, each evening they showed up growling. At night they prowled through the garbage looking for something they could use and in the evening they howled about it. Our present day media should have a picture of Hitler on the wall of every office because they, like him,  are pure propagandist. Hitler said, “It is not truth that matters, but victory.” He also said, “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.” Sounds a lot like something Bill or Hillary would say but Hitler said it first. TRUTH is irrelevant to the FAKE NEWS CONSORTIUM, it does not mean a thing. The media giants in this country have one thing in mind and that is bring Donald Trump down. They are as obsessed with Trump just as Saul was with David and they are using the same tactics. My prayer is “God, do not let them succeed.”

One more thing: note God’s response to their prowling, howling and growling…But You laugh at them, O Lord [v.8]. To wrap it up, the enemies of God were growling, God was laughing and David was singing…[v.16-17]…But as for me, I will sing about Your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about your unfailing love. For you have been my refuge, a place of safety when I am in distress. O my Strength, to you I sing praises, for you, O God, are my refuge, the God who shows me unfailing love. So stick your head in a TV if you think that is the answer but I have a better idea…Go to the house of worship every chance you get and sing, sing, sing to the God of refuge and and praise Him for His unlimited power and His unfailing love.


I listen to talk radio occasionally and I heard them explain the major problem with OBAMACARE. What he did was expand Medicaid which is different from Medicare. Medicare is for those 65 and older but Medicaid is basically a welfare program and has no age restrictions. A 20 year old can be on Medicaid. We had 50 million on Medicaid before Obama but in one years time, we went from 50 million to 73.5 million and there is no money to fund this gross increase in welfare spending. Obama promised all governors a federal reimbursement if they would expand Medicaid and many of them took the bait including some Republicans. At some point we have to be realistic, can we afford such expansion? If will be all but impossible for Trump to lower taxes if the Senate does not repeal Obama Care. Understand, this is my opinion, I could have misunderstood but this was my take.

  • Our SUNDAY Schedule is full: Deacons meet @ 8:15, LCBS @ 9:15, Celebrate JESUS in worship @ 10:15 and evening worship @ 6:15. Sunday am sermon–the NT Church {Acts} and Sunday night we are studying Genesis. Biscuits and donuts will get there early because of the deacons meeting.
  • FIDDLER ON THE ROOF: June and I went to the 7:00 pm show last night. The cast is local and they do not have a live orchestra. Ken Nelson’s son Bill is the Russian Constable. I love the old theater and the pop corn and drinks is really reasonable. If you have seen a New York cast perform this musical, you would be a little disappointed but considering these people are amateurs, I think they did great. They sounded great as a group and they had some very talented people. Where you notice the biggest difference is in the dancing. Gentiles just can’t dance like Jews.
  • BLOCK PARTY August 5, 6:00-9:00. We are shopping for the GRAND PRIZE which our men’s class is going to sponsor and I personally intend to get some prizes for the workers. These will be given out at the 4:30 workers meeting. Anyone is eligible except me personally. I’m not excluding my wife or children.
  • NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: My only New Years resolution was not to complain about the weather. I’m not complaining but it was pretty warm  yesterday. Praise God for A/C right! Praise Him for electricity.
  • BLOCK PARTY T-Shirts can be ordered for $15. See Mandy or Jamie at the welcome center this Sunday. I think you will like them. Just 14 more days until the BP and then time will really fly.

  • Seth is scheduled to be home this weekend. Right now our plans are to pick him up on Monday but you know the Marines. It is hard to make plans when they are involved.

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