Pay attention to me and answer me. I am restless and in turmoil with my complaint, because of the enemy’s words, because of the pressure of the wicked.

~ Psalms 55:2-3 (CSB)


“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.”

~Augustine Of Hippo

I love this Psalm and especially verse 6… Fear and trembling grip me; horror has overwhelmed me. I said, “If only I had wings like a dove! I would fly away and find rest.” David probably wrote this Psalm while he was still in Jerusalem but with Absalom rebellion moving in his direction. It’s only human to want to run from our problems. David was wishing for wings so he could fly away and be at rest. Hey, I know the feeling. I have wished for a set of wing far more than once. Peace is a gift and one we must not take for granted. I have been in storms with perfect peace and I have faced some with fear and unrest: I prefer peace. David had some very unpleasant circumstances to deal with; due to his own negligence, he had allowed his own son to win the confidence of the people. Absalom’s rebellion was no small thing: he had the majority on his side. Since no kingdom is big enough for two kings–Absalom was coming for David’s life. David had every right to be worried. David did not get any help from within; fear and trembling seized him. If he looked out there was a frightening foe and if he looked in, there was fear and panic but this was not David’s first Rodeo, and he looked up to God and cried for help.

A part of Cain’s punishment was the curse of a restless spirit. Restlessness is a part of the sin package and I got a double dose. As Hugh once said, “I don’t even rest when I’m asleep.” The aging process helps some. I had to drive all over Morgan County yesterday looking for a 5000 BTU AC unit. After my first attempt failed, I said, “What the heck, if the LORD wants me to replace this unit, I will find one, if not, it is not the end of the world.” I just sat back and enjoyed driving in the rain. I know a lot about restlessness and a little about peace. I love Matthew 11:28-30… “Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take up my yoke and learn from me, because I am lowly and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”Jesus is the only source of true peace; the kind that calms the soul. David said in Psalm 62, “I am at rest in God alone.”

Man has a need for rest. Remember the story in John 4…Jesus came to a town of Samaria called Sychar near the property that Jacob had given his son Joseph. Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, worn out from his journey, sat down at the well. It was about noon.To his weary disciples Jesus said... “Come away by yourselves to a remote place and rest for a while.” {Mark 6:31} We humans are not intelligent enough to understand why God created the Sabbath. He created it for us but we have perverted it’s intent. We need rest for both body, soul and spirit and if we don’t get it, we will have a break down. A physical breakdown will leave us unhealthy; a psychological breakdown will leave us unhappy and a spiritual breakdown will leave us unholy.

Too tired, no extra…

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