Salvation And The Word


I hope for your salvation, O Lord, and I fulfill your commandments.

~Psalm 119:166, NRSV


In time, our great salvation will be consummated; in the meantime, we are to fulfill His commandments.


Eugene Luther Bailey,

Salvation encompasses many things: God saves us from something {hell} to something {heaven} and for something {service}. God saved Israel from bondage in Egypt to freedom in Canaan. As Moses reminded the Israelites, Salvation comes from the LORD. Our salvation is also past, present and future. I have been saved: that is regeneration. I was born into the family of God at the age of nine and I’ll never be unborn. But I am also being saved today. At present, God is Sanctifying me. He is getting rid of the junk in my life and replacing the junk with Jesus. This is an on going process. BUT eventually I will be saved completely, I will be glorified. I will lose this body of sin and take on a glorious body. In regeneration, we are saved from the penalty of sin {hell}, in Sanctification, we are saved from the power of sin {it’s dominion or rule in our life} and in glorification we will be saved from the very presence of sin. Oh that will be glory to me!

As we age in the faith, we come to realize sin’s consequences are for all–the saved and the unsaved. David was saved and he had a lapse of faith; he took sins consequences lightly and then spent the rest of his life in regret as he endure the unpleasant consequences brought on by his disobedience. Uzziah let success make him proud and pride lead to arrogant behavior. He went into the temple to burn incense, something he had no right to do. The priest tried to stop him but he got angry, after all, he was king. God struck him with leprosy and he remained a leper to the day he died. Regeneration is a supernatural or divine spark with ignites life in those who are dead in the trespasses of sin. It happens when we put faith in Christ. It is a once and for all time event that comes via grace. Sanctification requires our cooperation. We must trust Christ in obedience. Our salvation will be consummated with the return of Christ. Paul said,  “When Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all His glory.” “Share in ALL HIS GLORY”–I can only imagine.

  • I will be featuring VETERANS in the month of November. My daddy served in WWII in Germany. Spent eight months on the front line. Spent the last year in the mess Tent as a cook. When he came home from the war, he started cooking breakfast and did it the rest of his life. He never had breakfast without some hog–either bacon, sausage or ham. He loved all three.
  • It is hard to believe but today in November 3, just two days until our REVIVAL: remember–Attend, pray and invite.
  • I completed a project yesterday: something I had been putting off for awhile. I was in the mood. It feels good to accomplish something. I’ve been wasting a lot of time lately and my conscience was beginning to bother me. If I would complete one a day for the next six weeks, I might get caught up.
  • Remember, we pray for our President and our Pastor each day. Also pray for the Hill family and the Garner family.


November 5-8

Wade Morris

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