Signs Of The Times


Remember, the final age of this world is to be a time of turmoil! People will love nothing but self and money; they will be boastful, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to parents and devoid of gratitude and piety.

~2 Timothy 3:1-2, REB


We live in the most authority-averse culture in the history of mankind.

~Timothy Keller

Vance Havner use to say, “Every time you run in to one of these people who say there are no signs, you just met another sign.” These United States of America were divided in the 1700’s. I’m not sure my numbers are accurate but according to an online source, only 45% of Americans were Patriots, 20% was Tories and the rest were indifferent. Not only was the country divided, there was a lot of name calling: Patriots were referred to by the Tories as rebels, traitors, revolutionaries and congress-men. The Tories were called the kings men and they called themselves loyalist. There was a sharp division and a great deal of ill will between the two. Two hundred and forty-three years later and we are still divided. We may be at the apex of a Cultural War that began with John Dewey and Woodrow Wilson in the 1930’s. The very foundations of our REPUBLIC are being shaken. There is a growing number of people who call themselves Americans who want to destroy the REPUBLIC {rule of law}. I’m not talking about the republican party; I’m talking about the constitutional republic in which we live. The CONSTITUTION is the law of the land and we are all subject to it’s dictates. It is a brilliant document based on Mosaic law and the biblical principles that liberals hate. They rebel violently at the thought of an higher authority telling them what to do.

These liberal minded people have no respect for the bible. They have no insight into the bibles central message which is Jesus and redemption. They believe the bible and Christianity is the major cause of abuse and exploitation. The Patriarch owed slaves and Moses exterminated pagan Canaanites {blood drinking, child sacrificing, idol worshiping sexual perverts}. They fail to understand that neither Abraham, Moses or David are the bench mark. The standard bearer of God’s truth, mercy and grace is Jesus. The Old Testament is as much about Jesus and our need for Him as the New but of course, they are blind to this truth. They are walking in darkness because they refuse to embrace the Light. They are motivated by hate and under the inspiration of the prince of darkness. They have unbelievable boldness and boundless energy. They refuse to confess their sin nor relent in their persecution of others. In brief: they don’t just hate Trump, they hate Jesus, His word and His body the church.

They may get TRUMP: I am praying daily that they do not but one thing is certain, they will not destroy the Son of God. Better men than them have tried and all have failed. When all the dust settled, Jesus will be standing and His foot will be on all those who oppose Him. There is no future for anyone who rebels against the CHRIST, the Son of the Living God. By dingy, I think I am going to shout.

This story come straight from the horses mouth. There is a guy who pastors a rural village church in Madison County. Last Sunday he got up to preach and he said something that he thought should excite the congregation; they just sat there unmoved like a knot on a log. So he sits down in the throne chair on the platform. After a brief rest, he gets up and says, “We are going to start all over…” so he makes the statement again and again, no amen’s, no emotional reaction whatsoever. So this time he goes down into the congregation and sits on the front pew where he shouts, “Amen preacher, preach it!” Then he goes back to the pulpit and starts all over again. By this time the congregation gets the message: if they don’t give him an amen, they are going to be there all evening. As mother use to say: “It’s a poor dog that cannot wag it’s own tail.” The moral of the story: milk and pureed baby food is never as exciting at steak, ice tea and a baked potato. Stop depending on someone else to chew your food for you: get into the meat of the WORD.

A big day for sports fan I guess: it would be a good day to watch some college football but we have grand kids playing basketball on game day. Shouldn’t there be a law against this? I think Georgia is better than people think. In spite of the fact that Auburn has the best defense in America, I think Georgia will win a close one. I don’t think Auburn can score enough points to win. Auburn would be undefeated if they had Clemson’s schedule.

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