Sin Is Stupid–Part One


We have sinned, even as our ancestors… When our ancestors were in Egypt, they gave no thought to Your miracles; they did not remember your many kindnesses, and they rebelled by the sea, the Red Sea.

~Psalm 106:6-7, NIV


Nothing is more venomous, harmful and devilish than rebellion.

~Martin Luther

Psalm 106 begins with a gem, Blessed or happy are those who act justly, who always do what is right. The key to successful living is: always do the right thing but do we always do the right thing? The Israelites did not always do the right thing. They saw more miracles than any generation who has walked the face of the earth yet they began grumbling and complaining before they got out of Egypt. After seeing with their own eyes, God destroy Pharaoh and his entire army, they rebelled against God three days later. One day they are singing God’s praises and three days later they are rebelling against Him and His anointed leader. Two sins are highlighted in Psalm 106:7: [1] They forgot God’s many acts of kindness, and [2] They rebelled against His anointed leader.

Timothy Keller says that ingratitude is the root of all human sin. Augustine says the root sin is pride and pride produces ingratitude. How can we not be grateful? I am a lot of things and I confess that I do not do the right thing in every situation but may I never be ungrateful. God has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination. It would take me a long time to count my blessings. I really get put out with ungrateful people. I hate it when blessed people start playing the victim; if they are victims, it is from their own bad choices; it is certainly not that God has not blessed or people have not helped. The second sin {rebellion} has been on my mind for the last year. Why would anyone rebel against God? What do they hope to accomplish? All sin is stupid but to rebel against God is utter nonsense. It is asinine, insane, moronic, idiotic and any other synonymous word I can think of–anything that rhymes with stupid. How can we rebel against the ONE who has done so much for us at such a high cost? Dathan and Abiram are good examples of the folly of rebellion. Rebels against God have no future.

One thing is certain: no rebellious or ungrateful person will ever have a shot at happiness.

The field trip to Amish Country in old Jimmy went well. We left early and beat the heat. We did this trip for Joyce who will have to have some test and maybe a surgery and she loved it. When it comes to going, Jo Ann, Carol and Joyce are happy campers. Joyce and Bill asks if we could do another one and I said “sure, why not!” We will shot for October 17 or 18 and we will go to Crowe Mountain Orchard, The College of the South and Lynchburg all on the same day. That is: if it is not 96 degrees. Hey, Mrs. Leonna and Bro. Gaines went with us–they are 49 years old.

Saying goodbye to September is no problem for me: I have no doubt, it is the hottest September in the last 70 years.

Keep praying for Lilly G and Tracey B…Also pray for President Trump and for those who hate him to fail. Two things are definitely from the devil–Hate and lies and the folks after Trump do both. PRAY for REVIVAL in America and for our REVIVAL at Grace Point November 3-6.

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