Singing Trees


Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

~Psalm 96:12


This is my Father’s world, and to my list’ning ears;
All nature sings, and round me rings the music of the spheres.

~Maltbie D. Babcock

I was reading Psalm 98 just a few days ago and I came across verse 8, “Let the rivers clap their hands and the mountains sing aloud together for the LORD is coming to judge the world with justice.” When you put that with Psalm 96:12, you have all nature praising God. This sparked two thoughts that I have been meditating on.

First of all: it appears to me, and I certainly think there is plenty of scripture to back me up, that all of God’s creation acknowledges Him and gives Him praise except man. All of creation was affected by the curse. Paul tells us that all creation groans as it awaits the return of Christ {Rom. 8:22}. Evidently, Jesus is coming not just to restore man but all of creation. What makes me sad is that man in his rebellion refuses to even acknowledge God as his Creator; let alone worship Him or give Him praise. How sad that we allow the natural world to give Him more praise than we do. Remember Cindy Simmons song, “Aint No Rock Gonna Take My Place.” She let Seth get on the stage and sing that with her: Hannah has it on video I think. It breaks my heart that we are so dull and rebellious that we would like a rock give Him more praise than we do. Not me, aint no rock going to out sing me. Sue says you can hear me singing on the back row.

If you have read C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia, you will see the harmony between God and nature. Of course, it was many years ago that I got into Lewis fictional world of Narnia where the trees speak, and even take part in some of the battles. My first thought was: what an imagination, where does he come up with all this stuff, rivers and trees that speak? A few years ago, I figured it out. He got it from the bible. He knew the scriptures better than most Baptist preachers. I read or saw on YouTube where some narrow minded fundamentalist was calling C.S. Lewis a false teacher and a deceiver. I thought, “You idiot, he forgot more about scripture than you know.” I don’t think the Antichrist or a false teacher would glorify Jesus, do you? Make no doubt about it, ASLAN is KING in Narnia. There are some brilliant people on YouTube and there are also some that are less than brilliant.

They change the forecast everyday so who knows when this heat wave will left. They are giving 97 for today but now they are saying we will have a cold front coming in and it will get into the high 80’s. I think 89 will be refreshing compared to 98. Ryder and the 7-8 grade team had a game last night at 5:30 and it was 92 degrees. They dominated Falkville. The running game is phenomenal. We were 2-3 passing, to the other team. Ryder got his first sack. The Big Rig crushed him; that kid got up shaking his head. It was a train wreck.

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