Steak On The Rocks


Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a fatted calf with hatred.

~Proverbs 15:17, NKJV


Marriage is not the problem, selfishness is the problem.

~Ray Comfort

Kenneth Taylor says, “It is better to have a bowl of soup with someone you love than a steak with someone you don’t love.” Ray Comfort thinks Solomon is talking about marriage. I think Comfort may be reading between the lines but I can see where it could be applied to a marriage. Eating with a spouse who hates your guts would be tough. In case your are worried–Big Mama is not one to share her feelings but the truth is; she is crazy about me. Food and fellowship have always gone together. Which is most important; good food or good fellowship? It great when you have both but Solomon’s was of the opinion that fellowship is more important than the food. I like to eat and I enjoy good fellowship and when you have both, it is a wonderful experience.

Thirty seven years ago, I was invited to a home for a meal. My father-in-law lived with us at the time and June and the kids didn’t get to go with me but to be honest, they didn’t want to go. To be honest, I didn’t want to go either but I went. It was a very awkward situation and I had a miserable time. It was the longest two hours of my life. It was worse than the time they abandon me on the beach with all the grand kids. A mistake they will not make again. I had nothing in common with these folks. There was no one there that I could relate to. There was one member of the family who later became a friend but he was not present on this occasion. So, I am inclined to agree with Solomon: just give me a bowl of soup in the company of folks who love me. Cracker Barrels vegetable soup with croutons is good. I admit, without cornbread or croutons, it’s pretty ordinary but I will take it along with good company over the steak dinner with folks who despise my inwards.

Hey, I could write a book on my dinning experiences. Years ago, a young couple who lived in Decatur joined our church and they invited June and I to go with the to Old Greenbrier for catfish. When the server asked who was to get the ticket, the man just sat there…the silence was embarrassing…so I said, “I got it.” There was no argument or fuss. I think he intended for me to pick up the tab all along. If you doubt me, check with June: this really happened. Same couple different time: I mentioned in a sermon that Yosemite Sam was my favorite cartoon character. The next Sunday they presented me with a new Yosemite Sam tie. I said,“thank you!” The lady said, “It is not a gift,” and she handed me the receipt. June had to write her a check on the spot. The stupid tie cost $30 and I had never paid more than $5 for a tie in my entire life. In those days, you could get a nice tie for $1 at the thrift store on 14th Street in Decatur. I have worn suits that cost less than $30. The pair of jeans that I wear every day…$10 thanks to Big Mama and Thanksgiving’s midnight madness. I don’t buy labels; I buy for cover and comfort and that’s all. If I like it, I wear it, over and over. I need to tell you about my white suit sometime and what happened to it. I think there was a little bit of sabotage on the destruction of the white suit. I will tell you about tomorrow if I don’t forget.

Good news on Jim Tanner…they said yesterday that the mass on the liver is not cancer. I had a ball preaching last night. Got off to a slow start…too many notes but I finally pushed them aside and got going. June and I will be going to Lebanon this Sunday after LCBS. Subliminal message to MH, I hope everything works out.

P.S. I need prayer. LORD willing I will be going to Athens to help my 84-year-old uncle pour a slab of concrete. My back hurts so bad, I can barely walk in the morning when I get up and I am going to do concrete. I don’t know who is the craziest, the uncle or me. We have a combined age of 152 which is pretty old to be doing concrete. I had rather drink a bottle of Castro Oil or crochet barbed wire than finish concrete in this weather.

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