Thanksgiving In September



Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

~Psalm 107:1, NKJV


In some areas, there is no excess and thanksgiving is one such area.



A Jack 4We do not live in a perfect world and all our circumstances are not ideal but drving back from Huntsville this morning, I felt a deep impression to give thanks. My first thought was: “I wish tomorrow was Thanksgiving Day and my second thought was, “I don’t need to wait to THANKSGIVING DAY to give thanks. A lot could happen before Thanksgiving; I may not even be here Thanksgiving.” Then in my daily bible reading, I came across the destruction of Moab {Isaiah 15} which happened over night. I began thinking about how suddenly things can change. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, wiped from the face of the earth, is just a matter of minutes. The Babylonian Kingdom, the pride of the known world, collasped in one night. Belshazzar saw the hand writing on the wall and then died that very night.  Not only did Babylon fall, it disappeared all together. It ceased to exist just as Isaiah so precisely predicted. It became a haunt for jackals. No human has lived there since its fall.

The United States of America has been blessed beyond parralell or precident. The world has never seen a nation so blessed. For 240 years we have enjoyed unprecidented peace, prosperity and priviledge. No other civilization has ever enjoyed so many civil liberties. We have the right to go to any church we please or to not go at all. We have the right to complain about the government without being arrested. We have the right to own property and to bear arms. Unfortunately our prosperity has made us proud. We have become fiscally irresponsible and morally degenerate. I can change four words in Isaiah 13:19 and it will read– “The United States is the jewel of nations. It is the pride and glory of Americans, but sin will destroy it just as it did Sodom and Gomorrah.”

What can we do? Repent, pray and give thanks for what God has already done for us. God deserves more praise than I can give HIM. Have you meet anyone lately who goes to excess on praise and thanksgiving? I did not think so!


  • Sunday is Color Day. It is the last Sunday of Summer and we want you to wear your loudest summer outfit. Men, that means your Hawaiian shirts. Let’s praise Jesus loudly this Sunday in song and attire.
  • We have a baptism Sunday, perhaps two.
  • PASTORS SEARCH TEAM recommendation this Sunday.

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