Thanksgiving TraditionS



From those places the songs of people giving thanks will be heard. The sound of great joy will come from there. 

~Jeremiah 30:19, NIRV


Gratitude can transform an ordinary day into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.

~William Arthur Ward


The Jews, when they were in their element, were by nature a singing people. I am in a huge minority at Danville but I love Jewish music. Doug use to sing one ever so often just to please me. It was simple song that he and I heard in Nazareth {Jesus Is My Lord, My Master and Savior}. They sing one at Bro. Teddie’s church that I love, Jehovah Jireh. Jeremiah is encouraging the Jewish exiles in the verse above. The Jews quit singing in captivity but Jeremiah reminds them that they will sing again. Whenever the Jews were thankful, they sang. Thanksgiving, joy and music went together in the Jewish community.

A Jack 4The Bailey are not Jews. Other than Big Mama, there are no musically inclined Bailey’s and yet we all love music. We don’t play instruments and we all sing tenor–ten or twelve notes off. Ty can rap but he only does it with other kids or in private. Reminds me of a story. The Hospice Chaplins can all sing which means I will never be a hospice Chaplin. I saw one sing in the room of a nursing home patient and it was effective so a few weeks later I tried it. In just a few seconds the room was filled with nurses and attendants. There were even people looking through the door. They were not singing with me, I think they were more amused at me. I never tried singing again. I want to sing and can’t while June can sing and doesn’t want to.

In Monday’s daily bread, I saw something that really stuck to my rusty brain. A group was sharing about THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS and one girl said, “Our tradition is to eat Turkey, watch TV and never mention anything about God {or Jesus} or give any thanks.” This is true of the great majority. I’m not talking about the majority of Americans, I’m talking about the majority of Christians and members of DBC. How do I know? The same way I know a lot of other things, from my own experience.

You should give the THANKSGIVING DAY SERVICE some consideration. It will help you get the day started right and will guarantee that you do give thanks on THANKSGIVING. This could be your last opportunity.


  • Speaking of THANKSGIVING, it came early for me. I went home yesterday at 3:00 to work on my floor hoping to get at least half of it completed. Then along came Ronnie Shipley my neighbor and he helped me for a little over an hour and we got the entire floor laid. The LORD sent me a master carpenter. Thank you Jesus and Ronnie.
  • LORD willing we are going to try to refinish the FORTE floor today. We stripped it for the ROAST but couldn’t wax because the FORTE is the most used building in MORGAN COUNTY. It will be closed until Sunday.
  • Speaking of Sunday: it will be a normal schedule with AWANA and evening worship. I will preach Sunday Morning, Part 2 of the Prodigal Son and Joe David will preach Sunday night.
  • Booked my first speaking engagement for 2017. I speak at the Pastor’s Conference on Monday January 16.


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