The Bible and Prophecy


Everything will happen that is written in this book.

~Jeremiah 25:13, NIRV


History is the unrolled scroll of prophecy.

~James A. Garfield

The bible is God’s inspired word; it is the very breath of God. The Koran is a human document. I don’t know if there is prophecy in the Koran or not, I’ve never heard anyone discuss the subject. I don’t know if the book of Mormons contains any prophecy but I do know this, the bible is filled with incredible prophecies and they are all being fulfilled. I think this was Paul’s chief argument with the Jews as he tried to convince them that Jesus was the Messiah. In Jeremiah 25, he tells the Jews explicitly, “You will be in Babylon for 70 years.” They were there 70 years to the day. In this same chapter, Jeremiah gives a list of nations that will be dissolved and they are no more. How could a human being be so accurate? The answer is simple; God inspired him. Jeremiah was the scribe who wrote them down but God was the author because he was telling him what to write.

Let me give you one other example: Peter was an uneducated Galilean fisherman. He did not have a PhD. in Nuclear Physics yet he predicted the earth would melt in a intense heat. For centuries unbelievers scoffed, “impossible” they would say but no one is laughing now. Now that we understand the atomic nature of the universe, Peter’s prophecy is very likely. My point is this: every prophecy in the bible is going to be fulfilled. This is the one thing about prophecy that I understand. How and when are the questions but there is no question when it comes to God keeping His word. The last part of Jeremiah 25:13 states…{The Lord speaking} “I will make everything Jeremiah prophesied against all the nations come true.” If God speaks it, it is history.

Going to the big city of Falkville today to see the grands play softball. Big Mama headed North an hour ago to watch Ryder play baseball at Trinity. Big Mama loves little league. If you don’t believe me, ask her tomorrow at church.

We need some precipitation. As Harold Mashburn says, they are giving us 70 cents worth today and 80 cents tomorrow. Let the moisture fall.

Baptism in the morning during recognition. I must turn the heat element on late this evening: from 6:00-9:00. I am making you my accountability partner. Shoot me a text about 7:00 tonight to remind me if you remember.

HEADS UP: Daylight Donuts will be closed the entire month of June so we will be bringing Krispy Kreme donuts during June but no biscuits.

Today is Armed Forces Day. If you served in the military, we who did not SALUTE YOU! I had never thought about it until just now. My daddy who was drafted against his will to serve in WWII would be so proud of Seth for serving in the Marines. Daddy never prayed without praying for the folks in service.

Jonathan Seth Bailey Fagan, US Marine
Eugene Luther Bailey, US ARMY, WWII
Hal Eugene Bailey, AIR FORCE
James Floyd Bailey, US Navy, WWII

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