The Combat Zone


Listen, God, to my prayer!…My thoughts are troubledand I keep groaning because my loud enemies shout and attack.

~Psalms 55:1-3, CEV


You cannot defeat an enemy as long as you deny its existence.


I begin today with another quote: My heart is racing fast, and I am afraid of dying. I am trembling with fear, completely terrified. My question to you is: who said this? Some sissy cowardly wimp? Not hardly; these are the words of a decorated soldier. A man who had hours upon hours of combat experience. These are not the words of a man pointing a rifle or an assault weapon. He was not behind a cannon or some piece of heavy artillery; this man fought hand to hand with a sword and a shield. These words were spoken by a man who killed a bear when he was a boy. These words came from a man who fought a man in hand to hand combat before he was old enough to get his drivers license. The man he fought was three times his size if not more. So what is my point? Everyone has moments of fear and uncertainty, no exceptions. Some never talk about their fear but it doesn’t mean they are perfectly secure: no one can make such a claim. There were two things that Jesus repeated to His twelve disciples constantly: [1] Why do you have such little faith and [2] “fear not” or be not afraid. There is a connection: The greater our faith the less our fear. No one other than Jesus had perfect faith and no insecurity. The rest of us are cursed. 

Here is what I like about Psalm 55 and David: he talks openly about his fear. Three cheers for David the military hero, the veteran of combat, the man who lead the charge in battle; his honesty is refreshing and also encouraging. I read the Psalms everyday, I don’t think I could live without them. No one in my circle of influence will ever accomplish a tithe {10%} of what David accomplished. If he battled fear and dared to talk about, I guess it is okay for me to be honest about my fears. I have many enemies and Satan is at the top of the list but the three I battle daily are: pride, lust and fear. These are the ones that disturb my peace. Oh how I love Psalm 55:6, I wish I had wings like a dove, so I could fly far away and be at peace. This blessed peace that we all desire is going to be a reality in the perfect sense someday and it’s all because of Jesus our Prince of Peace. I’m about to shout folks!

Well I went to B’town yesterday morning to see Lance and Decatur Heritage in the class 1-A State Basketball semi-finals and it was a whale of a game. I enjoyed it thoroughly and the fellowship with Kelvin, Tracey and the Shaneyfelts. I worked overtime last night just so I can go back Thursday, LORD willing. The sunshine and the drive down were refreshing. We are off to Huntsville today for Perry Smith’s surgery {knee replacement}. Perry is a good man: a retired veteran of the Military. He is a solid conservative; a true Patriot. Pray for Perry. He intends to lead a team from GP to Guatemala with Joe David. I want some of our college age kids to go. So far, my pleas are falling on deaf ears: pray that this changes.

In you want to join our RBT Club, call me and I will get you a bible. We are reading the Contemporary English Version and it is wonderful. I had nine more bibles come in the mail today. You could start with March and I bet by the end of the year you will finish but even if you don’t, you can finish next February. Many would be shocked to realize how much of what God is saying to us through His word they have missed because they have never read a translation they could really understand and of course, some don’t want to understand. The more obscure the message, the better they like it.

I was channel surfing late last night and came across KICKING AND SCREAMING will Will Farrell and I laughed till I cried. For those who remember me as a horrible coach, watch kicking and screaming. Surely I was not that bad. Robert Duvall is father and he is worse than the son.

Can You Identify the Lake Below

{My only hint is: it is in Morgan County}

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