The Idiot!


Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, graciously forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has graciously forgiven you.

~Ephesians 4:32, LSB


Don’t be afraid of being different; be afraid of conformity.


There are two basic kinds of literature: fiction and nonfiction. I read mostly nonfiction but occasionally, I read fiction but only if I think it has some spiritual value. There are two kinds of writers: the explicit and the implicit. I am explicit. I say what I mean and there is no subliminal or hidden message; If there is, I am not aware of it. C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald and Fyodor Dostoevsky are implicit authors. The meaning is hidden. You can’t just read [unless you are absolutely brilliant], you have to read, reread, study, think, ponder and read again. Dostoevshy is Russia’s version of C.S. Lewis, not as good of course. One of his books is called THE IDIOT. What a strange name for a book! We will refer to the main character as the PRINCE. The prince comes from the outside world {Switzerland} into Russia and there into a village made up of all your social strata…drunks, bumps, thugs, peasants, merchants and aristocrats but the IDIOT focuses on the aristocrats.

In the aristocratic world, renown, reputation and respect are everything. Of course to have these aristocratic delicacies, one must have money. The Prince invaded the aristocratic world of this Russian province. The Prince was your perfect gentleman. You might say the perfect man. He was honest and kind. He had no pretense about him and it was as if he cared nothing about social approval. He was very humble to the point of seeming shy. He looked intently into everyones eyes he met, always giving them his undivided attention. He made you feel like you were the only person in the room. By looking into your eyes, he read your heart. He reveals things openly that you assumed were hidden to everyone. Yet he is not judgmental but compassionate and understanding. The Prince never thinks of himself or even speaks of himself. The conversation is always about you. Not only is he kind, compassionate and understanding, he is gracious and giving. He is so unlike other men that he seems to be out of place. Obviously, the Prince stands head and shoulders above everyone in the room. He is so flawless, good and kind that everyone thinks he is weird, and some dares call him an IDIOT. They think his love for others and desire to help them makes him vulnerable. You can’t love the way he loves without getting hurt and if there is one sure fact about this world, it is that good people get hurt.

Does this sound like anyone you know? What conclusion are we to draw? Is there a perfect man among us? Do any of us have the ability to think only of others and never of ourselves?

I sent out a text to my children and grandchildren, proposing the above question to them. Sister’s {Hannah} immediate response was: “The answer is Jesus. With you the answer is always Jesus!” Mylee also got it right and at about the same time. Sister hit the nail on the head. Meet the PRINCE; some call HIM the PRINCE of Peace. What a lovely name!


A busy day ahead LORD willing: Dream Team Breakfast at Carl’s Deli and then Senior Adult Fellowship at the Point. Josie has a soccer game in Cullman at 3:30. TGIF.

Things went well yesterday. Jimmy and family seemed pleased with the service. Thanks for your prayers.

Have a great day, thanks for reading the blog.

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