The Immutable Christ


“You remain the same. Your years will never end.”

~Hebrews 2:12, NIRV


Because God is good we are comforted by His immutability.

~Ravi Zacharias

Who is the same age as their Father and older than their mother? It is an easy question and like most of my questions, the answer is Jesus. As I was reading in Hebrews last night in reference to God, the scripture says, “You remain the same. Your years will never end.” The thought came to my mind that God has no birthdays. As a matter of fact, He has no age nor does He age. I got a call from a friend a few days ago who had just had a birthday. I have never known the man to get choked up but I do believe he was about to cry has he shared with me how fast his life had passed. He said, “It seems like yesterday, I was a little boy carrying water to the field for my daddy.” I assured him that I understood, I waited and waited to turn 16 and get my license but after that milestone, life really picks up speed.

We have a grandson that is 23 and I still have not convinced my mind that I am 67. I worked so hard yesterday that I could barely get in the door. The bad thing is, I worked at a slow pace. When I was younger, yesterday would have been a picnic but not anymore. I ran completely out of gas 20 minutes before quitting time. I drug myself into the office and told my boss, “I am quitting a few minutes early, I am dead.” He said, “No, you aren’t dead, you are still walking. You may be half-dead.” I said, “Make that three quarters.” I also told him that I would be offended if he wanted to cut my hours, he said, “Actually, I was thinking about increasing them.”

I think about the C.S. Lewis quote a lot: “What lies before is far greater than anything laying in the past.” Jesus always saves the best for last: the best is yet to come. So cheer up and don’t let those birthdays bother you. I will admit one thing: aging is not for sissies.


Betty Sue, Jennifer and I went to Marion, Alabama for Melanie’s Mitchell’s moms COLS. Bobby James had a really bad day and I ran 3 miles when I got home. It’s amazing how things can change in 17 brief years.

I found a neat store in Madison. Talking June to check it out today. I think it is called OLLIE’S STUFF. It is a discount or outlet type deal. It was crowded on Wednesday.

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