The New Original Sin


For there is no distinction {Jew or Gentile}, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. 

~Romans 3:22-23, NET


A society that puts equality ahead of freedom will end up with neither equality nor freedom.

~Milton Friedman

I am trying to finish Voddie Baucham’s book FAULT LINES. Baucham is a black theologian who lives in Africa at the moment. It is almost like reading C.C. Lewis; I read with a dictionary in my hand. He uses words I have to look up. I am a simple man which average IQ. Although I am thankful for the brain God gave me; I am in no way equal to the intellect of a Voddie Baucham. God is the Creator and He made us all different. Some of us are short and some are tall; that is the way God made us. Equality is a myth. I can’t match wits with Thomas Sewel and I can’t play one on one with Michael Jordan. Jordan is not only more athletic, he is probably smarter as well. Am I angry at God because this black man can dunk and I can’t? I have never had wealth and in all probability, I will never be rich–who cares. If God had wanted me to be wealthy, He would have dropped me into a wealthy family. Am I angry with God that some of my friends have more money than I do? No, no, no–They know how to manage wealth, I don’t. I don’t believe I can be trusted with wealth. I am happy as a lark that God has given me friends with money. If I need something, I will go to them but I am free of the stress that goes with managing wealth.

The SOCIAL JUSTICE MOVEMENT {aka cultural marxism} and its many followers that include J.D. Greear, Eddie Litton and David Platt are redefining original sin. It is no longer rebellion against Holy God. The new original sin, at least for white folks is systemic racism. What did we do to become racist? We were born white and with privilege. We are racist because we are a part of system of racism. America is a racist country; founded by racists {white men}. If you and I deny this inherent racism, we are living in denial and we need to be awakened. The term “Woke” refers to those who have acknowledged their racist heritage and are apologizing for their whiteness. The fact that you have a black friend or co-worker whom you love and appreciate does not mean that you are not a racist. The new definition of racism has more to do with who you are and not how you treat others. So listen up white men…repeat after me…My name is Jack, I am a white male therefore I am a racist. You are a racist because you are white, now apologize and begin to atone by giving back to people of color. Albert Schweitzer sums it up…“A heavy guilt rest upon the whites of all nations for what they have done to people of color. When we do good for them, it is not benevolence–it is atonement.” Yeah, yeah, yeah…none of this is scripture–its all cultural marxism and JD and company have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric coming from the mouth of Platt or Greear; the social justice movement is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ which clearly states that all men our sinners regardless of race. Original sin was Adam’s disobedience and we all have suffered from the curse. The only solution for sin is Jesus and the only atonement is His blood. The people behind the social justice movement are Marxist: they do not believe in God and certainly not the gospel. The words of Jeremiah are appropriate… One friend deceives another and no one tells the truth. These people have trained themselves to tell lies. They do wrong and are unable to repent. They do one act of violence after another, and one deceitful thing after another. They refuse to pay attention to Me,” says the Lord.

The very first time David Platt came to my attention was when someone put his book RADICAL before me. By the time I got to chapter two, I knew something was really wrong with this guy. He is a cult figure, no doubt about that: he can draw large crowds and has a huge following, especially among the college age. I saw the social gospel aspect in the book loud and clear but at the time I made no comparison between his book RADICAL and Saul Alinksy’s and RULES FOR RADICALS. Unfortunately for us, many have been taken in by this deception. The social justice movement is of the devil: do not be deceived by their cunning rhetoric. We are all sinners and no one, no matter what color their skin is is free of racism.


My extra image wouldn’t load…now tell me that is operator error…I ain’t buying it! Some one took a bit out of the apple…It is a curse. I am walking a thin line and I have to be careful. There is an extremely thin line between praising the LORD and boasting. When we cross the line, we pay and I don’t want to pay. I will say that Josh baptized 13 young people in our service yesterday. I’m not sure but I think 7 is the most I’ve baptized in one service. Some of our regulars couldn’t get to their seats, we had over 50 visitors with a total attendance of 154 and I’m not sure that counts children’s church and the nursery. Plus we had 8 at the 9:15 service. For me to say GOD IS GOOD is an understatement.


The van will leave from EASTERN GATE MINISTRIES BUILDING each evening at 5:00 sharp. The kids will be feed a full meal. Our school is 6 year old to 5th grade {fifth last year}. But no sleep over parties. I will deliver them to your home ASAP.

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