The Poster Nation For Grace


No one wants you as a friend or cares what happens to you. But I will heal your injuries, and you will get well.

~Jeremiah 30:17, CEV


Grace, like water, flows to the lowest part.

~Philip Yancey

My very astute friend David says that the Jews have been able to maintain the purity of their race because God made them so obnoxious that no one wants to intermarry with them. If you study scripture as a whole, from Abraham to the present, I think you will agree that the Jews have not always been this way. Jeremiah told them that one of the curses of their disobedience would be unpopularity. Had Israel been obedient, they would have no doubt been the leading nation in the world. They would be where the US is and beyond but of course, they were obstinate and rebellious and the apex of this was their rejection of Jesus. Ultimately, no one will be blessed that rejects Jesus. Jeremiah told them point blank: “No one wants to be your friend and no one cares what happens to you.” If you think my friend David is off base, you need to spend some quality time with a Jew.

As a race, Jews are highly intelligent. They make up less than one percent of the world’s population and they have won 15% of the Nobel Prizes. They excel in science and medicine. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin saved us from the dreaded disease of polio. There is no doubt that the Jews are God’s chosen people but it is not because they are deserving: they are anything but! Could it be that God choose them to demonstrate the depth of His grace. No one else on earth loves them but God does. I am not an expert in prophecy but I am very confident that God is going to use them in an incredible way before time comes to an end. I’m talking about the Jews as a whole not the Sadducees. I don’t think they will ever change. Of course this is just an opinion.

I don’t think Lilly got a good report: her father has ask us to pray for wisdom–they have some tough decisions to make. In Jesus name, I beg you to pray. This family has gotten nothing but bad news. Heaven is looking better and brighter all the time.

June canceled our Direct TV, we are now on YouTube TV. We can watch Joe David on the big screen now.

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