The Practice Or Prayer


Then Jesus told them a parable to show them they should always pray and not lose heart.

~Luke 18:1, NET


No temptation in the life of an intercessor is more common than the temptation not to persevere.

~G. Campbell Morgan

Thursday I heard a challenging message on Luke 18 and persevering in prayer. The very next morning, in STREAMS, the devotion was on persevering in prayer and the same verse {Luke 18:1} was used. Some would label this a coincidence, but I take it as a message from God. I journal most, not all, of my prayers so I have a written record to refer to and I did not miss many days in 2020 praying for God to save Trump from the diabolical and evil left. In my life time, I have never seen one man so hated and persecuted as Donald Trump. I guess one reason the left hates him so much is that two decades ago, he was one of them but the main reason that hate him is that he poses the greatest human threat to their evil agenda. I knew that the left was evil and that they would relentlessly pursue Trump’s demise. I prayed everyday that God would protect him from the left and deliver him from this evil. As you know, God did not answer that prayer. He did exactly what I asked Him not to do and it hurt. I will not lie, I was tempted to give up on prayer.

Then I thought about John 11 which is so prophetic. Jesus did not answer Mary and Martha’s prayer concerning their brother Lazarus. Jesus let him die. In John 11:14, Jesus said to His disciples, “Lazarus has died and I am glad.” Actually, Jesus said, “Lazarus has died and I am glad for your sakes.” Which is the greater miracle, the healing of a sick man or raising a dead man who has been in the grave for four days? There is far more glory in a resurrection than in a mere healing. Right now, we are living between the prayer…“Lord, look, the one you love is sick,” and the resurrection…“Lazarus, come forth!” For them, Jesus reached out and grasp eternity future and brought it into the present to demonstrate what is going to happen when He returns as KING of kings. Mary and Martha had to wait four days; our wait is going to be much longer and in the mean time, we keep praying.

Let me ask you something: which would be greater and more glorious–for Trump to be elected as he was in 2016 and actually in 2020 or for God to restore him to office after being wrongfully defrauded by the diabolical left? How many of you think he can be elected in 2024? How many of you believe that God could restore him tomorrow? Which takes greater faith? Everything on my prayer list calls for God to do the impossible so why are we hesitant to believe that God could restore him to office before another election? I pray for God to restore him everyday, every single day. The left has fast tracked their agenda. Their goal is to destroy the republic so that Trump can never be our president again. Who is going to stop them? Has anyone slowed them down? We better pray because God is our only hope. He and He alone can stop this wave of evil. It is pure evil: Black Lives Matter is evil, Critical Race Theory is evil and it came from an evil source, the Frankfurt School in Germany. Marxism is antichrist and is diabolically evil in any form. The sole purpose of BLM is to divide the country racially and to incite a racial war and its a war we don’t want and do not need.

Continuing to enjoy this fall type weather. I hope you have a great weekend and a happy Mother’s Day.

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