The Pride Of Babylon


You [Babylon] thought that you would be queen forever. You didn’t care what you did; it never entered your mind that you might get caught.

Isaiah 47:7, CEV


When people reject the authority of God in their life, they eventually become hedonist.

~Allistar Beggs

God used Babylon to judge His children but unfortunately for the Babylonians, they enjoyed carrying out the judgment. They were cruel and showed no mercy: not even to old folks and children. There are several indications that Babylon was full of pride. First of all; they didn’t believe they could be held accountable. Matter of fact, they believed that they were in control of their own destiny. They had given themselves over to hedonism: all they thought about was pleasure. Their foolish pride had blinded them; they were fooled by their education and knowledge. They were into star gazing and witchcraft. Isaiah warned them that they were walking in the dark on a path that lead to destruction. Isaiah said, “You think you are in control but without warning, disaster will strike and all your black magic will not help.”

The above is what Isaiah predicted, what actually happened? To put it in a nutshell, everything that Isaiah said would happen. Belshazzar was having a wild drinking party late one night: he went to bed as the king of Babylon but he didn’t wake up. The Medes invaded that night and the next morning the Babylonian empire was history. Isaiah said Babylon would become a deserted waste land, a haunt for jackals and that is what happened. He said that Jerusalem would be rebuild but Babylon would not and it has not.

So remember: everyone is accountable to God and we humans are not in control. I don’t know how we can deceive ourselves in to thinking that we are: we most definitely are not in control. One other thing: every thing God says He will do, He will do–its just a matter of time.

I don’t know if hurricane Barry was a factor or not but we have gotten 6-7 inches of much needed rain. No run off to speak of, the ground just soaked it up. It’s too wet to plow. The only bad thing is that the grass will start growing like crazy but that is better than mowing stems in the dust.

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