The Social Gospel


Jesus answered them and said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you seek Me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled. Do not work for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life.”


Humanitarianism leads to practical atheism.

~Calvin Miller {Until He Comes, day 133}

I know that we bible believing conservatives are not doing so well these days. Every church I know anything about is in desperate need of a REVIVAL. We plan meetings and have them, but you can’t cover a revival up; it is like a mighty wind or a wild fire. Real revival cannot be contained, controlled or marketed. I do know that the SEEKER churches have the numbers and some of them baptize weekly and they have a completely different approach. No condemnation, no fences, a lot of smoke and mirrors and the social gospel approach. Should a criminal feel comfortable at the police station. How far are we willing to go in removing the fences? Should we preach, “I’m OK, Your OK,” when in truth, neither of us are OK. We have a sin problem and Jesus is the only answer. I heard a preacher say the other day, that sin is sin. One sin is as bad as another. It sounds good, the problem is–it is not true. There is an unpardonable sin. I can’t find the verse where Jesus says, “One sin is just as bad as another.” The prodigal left home in rebellion against his father. Until he came to his senses he drifted further and further away. This is why rebellion is such a serious thing. We cannot be defiant about any sin. If I decide that gluttony is my preferred lifestyle and I defy what God says on the subject, I will suffer the consequences. We can’t soften sin. We can’t take down the fences. Oh, we will attract more people if we do; Joel Osteen is proof of that but what are we doing to the kingdom? We are creating a bunch of bread and fish believers who will go some where else if we start preaching sin, repentance and atonement. The one thing these folks are determined not to do is repent.

The prodigal would never have come to his senses if there had been a seeker church near by to give him bread. He had to get hungry to get hungry. This is the fallacy of liberalism. Throwing money or bread at sin will not solve the problem; it will make it worse. People will seek our help and handouts but they will not seek God. Hard cold repentance has to come into the picture somewhere. We can keep telling addicted people that they are OK but the fact is–they are not. They are involved in a destructive habit that will destroy not only them but those around them. The one thing none of us wants to do is rebel against God; to shake our fist at heaven and say, “I will live as I please.” In my opinion, that is dangerous ground.


In my old age, I have become a reader. I literally love books. Regretfully, this should have happened in my youth but I couldn’t stay still longer enough to read a book in my youth. Thanks to a friend, I have discovered a new author. A young Presbyterian named Dana Ortlund. I finished his book DEEPER last night or early this morning. If you are a reader, I think you will enjoy reading this young pastor. I am amazed at his knowledge. He knows C.S. Lewis better than I do he is still a young man. He is well versed on all the great Puritan writers. Although I have read only one book, I recommend you try one of his works: Surprised By Jesus, Gentle and Lowly {Jesus}, How Does God Change Us {Sanctification} Edwards on The Christian Life. Plus, and I can’t wait to get it, IN THE LORD I TAKE REFUGE which is 150 devotions from the Psalms. I will have Noah or Kevin order that one for me this week. I can’t wait!

PTL, we had 134 at the POINT yesterday which is good for us. Of course, about 34 of them were visitors but it was the first time that the house looked almost full. We have some empty seats but we usually have empty sections. It looked good. Pray for us: we will be in REVIVAL this week with Chris Martin {May 21-24} at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.

I am deeply concerned for the country. People tell me that the NEWS has completely dropped the ball. They are not even reporting events; they are too busy putting out Marxist propaganda. I have been told that Congress is corrupt and that there is basically no one there to fight for our rights. When they go to digital currency, they will control our spending and try to change our spending habits. TOO much government folks. Thank you Mr. Lincoln for completely destroying the sovereignty of States and marking Big Brother a tyrant. We have a monster on our hands and Trump is the only man who has the courage to fight it. They had to cheat to do it, but they got him out of town because he was threat to their regime. They hate him because they fear him. What have the Republicans done since they took the House? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. They excel at doing nothing.

Mrs. Edith Bennich fell last week and broke her pelvic. She is in CRMC but going to rehab.

Have a good day and thanks for reading the blog. I hope all you mothers had a happy mothers day.


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