The Vineyards Are Brown


Vineyards near Heshbon and Sibmah have turned brown.

~Isaiah 16:8, CEV


It feels so hot, it feels so dry: I long for water to fall from the shy?

~French Proverb


A Jack 4It has been very hot and very dry.  We got just a sprinkle on the Friday night of Danville’s first football game which is almost 5 weeks ago and not a drop since. We have more leaves in our yard at present than we normally have in October. I am watering the little trees to keep them alive but some of the big ones look like they are dying. I had four 250 gallon tanks of rain water two weeks ago and now I am down to one which I am using on plants. Our pumpkin patch just disappeared and our sweet potatoes are hanging on for dear life.


The ancients feared draughts. Isaiah writing about proud Moab speaks of two disasters: an invasion and a draught: between the two, the vineyards of Moab had turned brown. People were fleeing the country like birds migrating to better conditions. There is a huge difference between their day and ours. They had no Kroger or Foodland, where food was being shipped in by truck. When our garden fails, we go buy what we need but when their crops failed, they either migrated or starved.

What’s the point? We should be thankful. Although it is dry and things are turning brown because of the lack of moisture, we do not have to move and we will not starve. Yes, I wish it would rain. I long for rain; I think about rain 24/7 and I believe God in His mercy will send us some rain eventually. Right now, we can be thankful that God is merciful and that we are basically connected to the world via modern transportation. We don’t have to move when crops fail: the food can be shipped to us. In the midst of this draught, let’s give Him thanks.


  • I knew we had a crowd yesterday as soon as I got up and we did, 368 or so. David and the band were superb in both services. Eva Moreno got down on the key board last night and I loved it. I pestered the child so much about playing that keyboard that she hates to see me coming. We celebrated FOUR wonderful baptisms, PTL, and the Pastor’s Search Team recommended Joe David as our new pastor. We vote next Sunday at the end of the service.
  • Holly Reeves is our Trunk-A-Treat Team Leader and right now she is asking that we bring candy to the foyer to help those who want to be venders. Every family could afford one bag of candy but it cost these families who set up as venders over $100 in candy alone. It get’s expensive this time of year.
  • I am boycotting the NFL which refused to allow the DALLAS COWBOYS to wear thier BLUE LIVES MATTER stickers on their helmets. I have never liked Jerry Jones but now I am a fan, he told his players to either stand for the Anthem or remain in the locker room. The NFL is antichrist, anti-family and anti-American.
  • Hillary gave me a new name last week. I was an angry white male but now I am a Deplorable White Nationalist.  I am not offended. I would feel bad if Hillary gave me her approval. Yes, I believe in AMERICA and I do want borders. I also want the Muslims sent packing. No one should be allowed to stay unless they renounce Islam. No Mosque, no schools which are breeding grounds for terrorist. No, Islam is not a religion, it is a political system that is anti-American and anti-freedom.
  • DBC will be hosting the Annual Meeting of the Morgan Baptist Association this October 24th. It will also be the installation service for Ken Blackwood our newly elected DOM. We will be providing supper for the entire group.
NFL says this sticker is offensive

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