The Wicked Man


Sin speaks to the wicked in their hearts. They have no fear of God. They think too much of themselves so they don’t see their sin and hate it.

Psalm 36:12, NCV


God’s word and kingdom will not be overthrown by means of the wicked and their rabble.

~Martin Luther

I am not the only sequential learner; Martin Luther was a list maker also. In Psalm 36 he gives us a list of the characteristics of the wicked…

  1. They are venomous: Filled with bitterness, hatred and rage.
  2. They have contempt for God’s word and respond to it with scorn.
  3. They reek with pride.
  4. They refuse to honor God or give Him glory.
  5. They exalt and praise themselves.
  6. They are dishonest and full of lies.
  7. They are stiff-necked and refuse instruction and correction.
  8. They are relentless. They never get tired of doing evil.
  9. They love to persecute the godly.

Sin is a problem; it is our number one problem and it should bother us. I am a sinner but not proud of it. Sin makes me feel guilt, shame and disgust. I loathe my own flesh and the pride that is rooted therein. I do love the word of God and I do fear and reverence Him. He is the fountain of life and the supreme judge. He and He alone can determine what is just and what is unjust. It matters little what I think; His will is paramount. He is the Creator and I am the creature. He is the Shepherd and I am a dumb sheep. He is LORD and I am His servant. He is the King and I am his lowly subject. I belong to Him and everything I have is His and that includes my will. My ultimate purpose is to bring Him glory. Jesus is the River of Delight. He is the source of our peace, hope, joy and salvation. LORD deliver me from sin and the evil one.


I am finishing up the first five books {Torah/Pentateuch} and Leviticus is difficult for me. I have found a method that is really helpful. I listen to the Bible on line and follow in my bible. It really helps. I am excited about today. Hannah, June, Jackson and myself are going to Jack’s Foodland outside of Eva. We have a few things to get for the Christmas Party tomorrow. I visited with Mary Alice and Ralph Nelson last evening and Mary Alice told me she does all her shopping at Jacks.

Senior Adult Christmas tomorrow at 11:30 in the kitchen. We will be bringing ham, pork loin, turkey, green beans and sweet potatoes. I love parties: can’t wait.

Josh’s ordination to the gospel Ministry on Sunday.

Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.

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