The Women Of Jerusalem



The Lord says: The women of Jerusalem are proud and strut around, winking shamelessly. They wear anklets that jingle and call attention to the way they walk.

~Isaiah 3:16, CEV


Pride is a spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, contentment or even common sense.

~C.S. Lewis


The LORD said, “There is a day coming when I will take away from those women all the fine jewelry they wear on their ankles, heads, necks, ears, arms, noses, fingers, and on their clothes. I will remove their veils, their belts, their perfume, their magic charms, their royal robes, and all their fancy dresses, hats, and purses.” The Jerusalem women were lookers who dressed like hookers but the LORD promised, a day was coming when He would take their perfume, jewelry, fancy hairdos, and expensive clothes. Their attractiveness would be a thing of the past.

Yesterday I noticed some characteristics of sin in this prophecy. {3:24-25}

  1. Sin Stinks:In place of perfume, there will be a stink.
  2. Sin Shackles: In place of belts, you will be in ropes.
  3. Sin Shames: In place of fancy hair styles, you will be bald
  4. Sin StingsIn place of expensive clothes, they will wear sackcloth.
  5. Sin Scars: In place of beauty, I will give them ugly scars.
  6. Sin Shatters: In place of giving you victory, I will allow you to know defeat.

Paul said,  I would like for women to wear modest and sensible clothes. They should not have fancy hairdos, or wear expensive clothes, or put on jewelry made of gold or pearls.” My mother always said, “Beauty is as beauty does.” Modesty attracts the right kind of people, lewd and licentious apparel attracts the wrong kind. Women should give some thought to who they want to attract.


  • I am fairly certain this blog will be dated September 1 and it could very well be the last of the week. We are scheduled to go to Destin, Florida but have my doubts as to whether or not that will be possible. It looks like the hurricane is going to hit the very area we are planning to visit.
  • The last day of August was jam packed. Went spent most of the day on the road and at hospitals. Raybon Schofield and Robert Pope had surgery and both are OK.
  • We have a baptism for Sunday and remember: no deacon’s meeting and no evening worship. I love holidays and I am looking forward to Monday.
College Football This Weekend!
College Football This Weekend!


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